El Segundo High School

National Charity League Westside Senior presents at the Jonathon Club

As Saturday night approached, I put on my uncomfortable designer heels that my mom let me borrow and a black dress and headed to the Jonathon Club in Downtown Los Angeles for the National Charity League (NCL) Westside Senior Presents Recognition dinner dance.

Founded in 1925, National Charity League Inc. is a national non-profit organization of mothers and daughters, brought together through community involvement in local chapters across the nation. Its goal is to foster a sense of community responsibility in the girls and strengthen the mother-daughter relationship (in NCL mothers are called Patronesses and the daughters are called TickTockers). Beginning in seventh grade, the TickTockers participate in a six year program of philanthropic work, educational activities, and cultural events. All of the girls’ hard work is rewarded at the Senior Presents Recognition dinner at the end of their senior year of high school.

As I watched the class of 2016 TickTockers celebrate in their huge white dresses, I became emotional thinking that this was the end of their NCL journey. Next year they will all be off to college.  The event was a fitting culmination of seven years of service to the community.

The Jonathan Club Downtown was the epitome of old-school elegance, with rich hues that served as a backdrop for beautiful ladies in their stunning floor-length gowns.  The girls recognized for their service were Kirsten Lauren Ahn
, Paige Campbell Hornbaker, Grayson Summerfield Houge, Michelle Elizabeth Iacampo, Taylor Setsumi Ingman,  Madeleine George Kelsey,  Lindsay Jane Kornfeind,  Rachelle Tashi Yangzom McKellop,  Olivia Christina Otcasek, Rosemary Hazel Pastron, Ashley Breony Roski Amendola, Morgan Clare Swan, Philippa Jane Thomas, Emma Charlotta Ulfvengren, Jacqueline Marie Vogel, Natalie Rose Welch, and Natalie Janet Wiegand.

Each senior was escorted into the presentation by a USC Naval ROTC cadet and given to their father.  Then, they walked with their dads to the stage where they were joined by their mothers. Each girl chose a song to play during the processional. A recording of the letters the girls wrote to their mothers were played, and the families shared in an emotional moment. It was heartwarming to hear how NCL has brought mothers and daughters together.

After the formal presentations and the recognition of the girls, a fabulous dinner ensued, followed by dessert on the roof of the Club, overlooking the lights of downtown Los Angeles.

Event Co-Chair Melinda Hornbaker said, “Everything came together perfectly.  It was a magical night!”

This was certainly an elegant night to be remembered, and I would like to give a special thank you to the Co-Chairs of the event, Patroness Moms Melinda Hornbaker and Sherrie Pastron.

NCL is a wonderful organization that has allowed me to give back to the community with my best friend: my mother.

Congratulations to the class of 2016. You will be missed.