El Segundo High School

Post-show interviews with winner Nick Fradiani and runner up Clark Beckham

After the show, the press room was in action. Previous American Idol stars and current American Idol stars spoke, and everyone wanted to get a quote.

First, Candice Glover, the winner of American Idol season 12, went up to speak. She talked about how she is excited for her upcoming movie, and that there is even talk about her getting a reality show. She said she has struggled to be herself, and to do something different, but that she is feeling confident. As for the winner of American Idol as of last night, Nick, Candice said the next few weeks will be hectic. She said he is going to have no sleep. She did mention that she was #TeamClark, possibly because they both have the church factor. Before she left, she said that Clark has the most amazing voice she has ever heard in her life.

Next, Season 13 winner, Caleb Johnson talked for a short time. He said that he is currently on a Southeast tour. He said his last year has been jam-packed. He said that something important is to focus on the moments and the obstacles to overcome. He said that it is “crazy the show is ending,” and that it would be fun to bring back all the original judges and idols.

Next, the runner-up of American Idol, Clark Beckham, came up to speak! Even though he did not win, he was still very happy and thankful. He looked dapper in his suit. The first question, naturally, was “How are you feeling?” And he said he felt great. He said that he believes he is exactly where he needs to be. He said he is extremely excited to go home and eat fried chicken and have sweet tea (sounds perfect, Clark, can I join?). He said that the best part of this journey was the people he met. He loved taking what they had to offer, and he thanked everyone from the show, “from the PA, producers, directors, cameramen…” He said this show showed him what true hard work looks like. He said it was “the greatest crew in the world.” We asked him where he sees himself in five years. He said he will be “just groovin’’” which is a new term I am going to begin using. He said that he will be sinking down to the heart of music and getting deep into it. He mentioned that this time last year he graduated college with a degree in history! Clark mentioned that he does not deal with rejection well. That in the past, if he tried to pursue a girl and she rejected him (insane girl), he would give up. But, he said that with music it is different. That no matter who rejects him, like Harry Connick Jr. on the first tryout, he will never give up music. He will work as hard as he can and earn it. Also, Clark’s birthday is on Friday, and he will be 23. So everyone tweet Clark on Friday!

Next, Scott Borchetta, the one who just had Nick signed to him, came to speak. He wore a jacket that had “MUSIC HAS VALUE” engraved on the sleeve. He said that he is really looking forward to working with Nick. Also, he mentioned that Nick’s song, Beautiful Life, was written by Chris Carrabba, and that he is on a mad hunt for great songwriters.

Then, the moment everyone is waiting for, Nick, the winner. The first thing he said is that it was, “The best day of my life.” I do not blame him. When he won, and the confetti fell down, everyone was cheering, and it was all for him. He said that the best part of his idol journey was seeing growth in himself as a performer. “I feel like I am the luckiest person. My whole life I just wanted a career in music. This is beyond words.” He said that he is excited to get to just play music, instead of having to do a certain song, or look at the camera; to just play how he feels. Someone asked, “When did you realize you could win?” And he said when he got top 3. He said that from top 12-8, he was not happy with any of his performances. He was too worried about the competition and being as good as everyone else.

He said his old band members called him up and asked why he was not being himself. But he said that when he did Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, that he just broke loose. That he stopped worrying about everyone else, and focused on bettering himself. He said he would not be where he is without his old band, Beach Avenue. He told us a story about how yesterday, he sneaked into Keith practicing, and that Keith saw him and was shocked, and then very happy. Nick has been a huge fan of Keith since high school, and really respects him. He said that the biggest gain from the experience was just absorbing everything. He said he has gained a ton of knowledge. “I will never be the same musician, they up your game!” Lastly, we asked about the confetti moment: when they announced he won and the confetti fell down while he sang his first fully produced single. He said he barely has words to explain it. He saw his family having a group hug and had to get in it. So, he ran down the stirs and hugged them while his dad, and everyone, cried. Seeing Nick so happy truly brought me joy.

Nick’s song, Beautiful Life, is perfect for high school students. It is fun, and uplifting. I recommend you purchase it on iTunes, along with Clark’s song, Champion. I am sad that this journalism journey on Idol is over, but I will be covering new shows, and next year! Congratulations Nick!