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PSAT scores released

As a high school junior, my classmates and I took the redesigned PSAT in October 2015. This past week, scores for the test were released, and students across the nation could see how they scored. If you have a College Board account you can access your scores online now.  If not, you will need to wait until the end of January for your school counselor to give you a paper copy of your score.

The PSAT this year was based on a redesigned SAT test that will launch in the spring of 2016, with the last date for the old SAT to be in January of 2016.  Here are notable aspects of the new PSAT you will want to understand:

To all of my fellow high school juniors in Los Angeles, and across the nation, I wish you the best as you take your SAT, ACT, AP’s, SATII’s. This is a big year for all of us because of the full focus and stress we work toward college acceptances. I hope your PSAT score will help guide you all in achieving your potential in terms of these tests!

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