El Segundo High School

Rock and Brews restaurant


For teens in El Segundo, a boring Saturday night can always light up through therestaurant Rock & Brews. It’s by far the coolest restaurant in El Segundo. Rock & Brews was created by KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and it is apparent in the design. The whole restaurant is covered in rock band album covers, not to mention, rock music is always played. It is like a blast to the past. The venue is cool as well, it is like an outdoor beer garden, half covered, half not, super casual, but innately appealing.

Rock and Brew’s name was discovered after a KISS concert in which Gene Simmons was with his friends back stage. One of his friends said, “What’s better than rock and brews?” Then that’s how the restaurant was created, and the rest is history.

At Rock & Brews, there are many choices of Americana food, including huge gourmet hamburgers, salads, pizza, sandwiches and wings. This is perfect because everyone can find a food they enjoy, and as Americans, statistics show that we love food. My favorite item is the Yellow Submarine Italian Cold Cut Sandwich, my brother likes the pizza, and my mom always orders a burger; we usually start with hot or Asian wings. Additionally, they offer gluten-free food for those healthy people. Americans also love beer, and Rock & Brews caters to the craft beer movement with a large selection of traditional and craft beers from around the world, including a plethora of local brewers.

As an El Segundo high schooler, this is a great place to go because we see our fellow classmates working there, and other classmates dining with friends or family.  We get to socialize while eating delicious, affordable, comfort food.  We love to go over with our friends for both lunch and dinner.

But, not only would we go here with our friends, but it’s a great place for family dinners. Parents can reminisce of times in which this rock n’ roll music was becoming popular, screaming out “I love this song.” People from aged 0-80 enjoy this venue, and there is even a play area for the little kiddos. It’s a beautiful combination of music, food, and socializing coming together. Whenever my brother is in town from college, a meal at Rock & Brews is always on the itinerary. We enjoy sitting under the open-air night sky and relaxing as we laugh and enjoy the ambience.  Conversely, we also enjoy a lunch meal at Rock & Brews on a sunny, California beach day.