El Segundo High School

Andy Grammer discusses his songs before American Idol finale

The first interview of my night at the "American Idol" finale was with the amazing, well-known artist, Andy Grammer. Tons of reporters sat in a press room, all yelling their questions trying to get a hold of Andy's attention. This was a new experience for me. However, something amazing happened. Andy's assistant came up to me and told me that Andy is incredibly interested in High School Insider, and that he wants to do a personal interview with me. This was super shocking, since there were a copious amount of reporters in the room, and many reporters from huge news stations. But, Andy only wanted to do a personal interview for the Los Angeles Times High School Insider.

When we began our interview, I told Andy Grammer that his song “Keep You Head Up” was my go to song when I was younger and had to stay at my father’s house. I was utterly lonely at my father’s, and that song is what gave me the hope to go on. So, I asked him what he wants people to feel from his songs. He said, “I want them to relate somehow… I think a good song unifies everybody.”

He said that he wants to have songs that relate to something everyone will or has gone through. Then, I asked him what advice he had for those trying to pursue their dreams. His immediate response was, “Positive thinking. It sounds like a cheesy thing to say. But, if you really believe that you can do it, you can. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s real.”

Lastly, I asked him what he has realized he must remember throughout his career, since he continues to gain more popularity. And, he told me that his dad always told him back in high school, “The cool kids change.” He said that everything shifts; one day he’s cool, the next day he’s not. So, you should be kind to everyone, despite their popularity ranking.

Ironically, as he told me this, the song “Cool Kids” was playing in the background, which we laughed about. He gave me a hug and thanked me, which I found ironic since I was the one getting to interview such a successful man! He was very kind and I urge you all to listen to his music.