El Segundo High School

Teens, ‘Rock the Vote!’

As presidential elections go, Super Tuesday, which happened last week, is a big indicator of which candidates will win the Republican and the Democratic nominations. Post Super Tuesday, Donald Trump looks to be the unrivaled favorite for the Republic nomination, while Hillary Clinton is emerging as the favorite for the Democrats.

What struck me as my family watched the Super Tuesday results was that when the next United States Presidential election takes place on Nov. 8, I, like many teens, for this first time in my life, will be eligible to vote!

I consider the right to vote a privilege, and want to encourage all teens who will be eligible to exercise their voting rights to take this as a responsibility.  We teens should exercise our voice in selecting who will be the next leader of our nation.

To begin, we all have the opportunity to follow the presidential primary elections and caucuses taking place between Feb. 1 and June in every state. Ultimately, this process will yield a Republican nominee and a nominee for the Democrats.

Along the way there are a plethora of debates that we have the opportunity to watch so we can learn about the candidates, and what they plan to do while in office. These debates are very informative and I encourage you to watch them with your families and friends, and then discuss. Exercise your critical thinking skills to really understand the nominees’ propose.

As of today, here are the remaining candidates for the nominations (alphabetized) and their campaign web sites so you can learn more about each:

Republican: Senator Ted Cruz TedCruz.org

Republican:  Governor John Kasich JohnKasich.com

Republican: Senator Marco Rubio MarcoRubio.com

Republican: Donald Trump DonaldJTrump.com

Democrat: Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton  HillaryClinton.com

Democrat:  Senator Bernie Sanders BernieSanders.com

Until a month ago, I had not really thought about voting. But as I have started to think about the future of America and about my own personal future, I realize that I have a voice, and my voice is important. For the first time ever, I have begun debating with my peers on issues, often realizing that none of us truly knows enough about the issues to really be debating.

I realized that we teens need to learn more, educate ourselves, and form an educated and rational point of view on policy issues; as well, I realized that our parents are important mentors, but they may not have all of the answers. So, I choose to use the months leading up to November to educate myself, and hope that my peers will join me in showing America that teens have a point of view. Remember, if you don’t vote you can’t complain!

Teens, let’s prepare to “Rock the Vote!”