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University of California campuses release admission decisions

It’s that time of year for high school seniors across California and the U.S. for that mater… the University of California (UC) campuses released their college acceptances this month, most recently with UC Berkeley releasing decisions on March 24.

California has arguably the best public university system in the nation, with Berkeley being ranked the best public university in America in the latest college rankings by US News and World Report, and UCLA being ranked second.  As well, six of the nine campuses rank in the top 50 universities in the nation: Berkeley 20; UCLA 23; UC Santa Barbara 37; UCSD 39; UC Irvine 39; UC Davis 41. Hence, it is a real accomplishment to be accepted to one of these esteemed schools. The UC system admits the best and the brightest that California high schools have to offer!

Seniors and their proud parents could be heard with excited responses to the decisions. Conversely, some did not get the result that they had anticipated. Here are the statistics that the applicants were facing: As found at the Universityofcalifornia.edu website: the number of applications in 2016, and the average GPA/SAT/ACT from 2015:

UC Berkeley: 82,000 applicants. Average GPA 4.19. Average SAT 2100; Average ACT 31.

UCLA: just short of 100,000 applicants. Average GPA 4.18. Average SAT 2064. Average ACT 31.

UC San Diego: 83,000 applications. Average GPA 4.13. Average SAT 2035. Average ACT 30.

UC Davis: 28,000 applications. Average GPA 4.07, average SAT 1924; Average ACT 29.

UC Santa Barbara: 76,000 applications. Average GPA 4.05, average SAT 1937; Average ACT 29.

UC Irvine: 77,000 applications. Average GPA 4.04. Average SAT 1878. Average ACT 28.

UC Santa Cruz: 45,000 applications. Average GPA 3.88. Average SAT 1828. Average ACT 27.

UC Riverside: 38,500 applications. Average GPA 3.78. Average SAT 1746. Average ACT 26.

UC Merced: 19,000 applications. Average GPA 3.67. Average SAT 1616. Average ACT 24.

Like the UCs, most of the best colleges in the nation have already released admissions results. But some of the toughest are still to come by April 1. Stay tuned for results from: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, Harvard , NYU, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts, Northwestern, Pennsylvania, USC, and Yale.

Congratulations to all of the high school seniors accepted in a UC- kudos!