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‘Unstoppable Awards’ to honor foster youth this summer

On June 11, nine L.A.-area foster youth will be honored at the annual “Unstoppable Awards” luncheon ceremony at the Brookside County Club in Pasadena. The Unstoppable Awards celebrate the achievements of students, who have beaten considerable odds to graduate from high school while being in foster care.

The awards are aimed at youth with average GPAs of 2.3 – 3.2. Many of these students have faced obstacles such as multiple home and school placements, and the resulting disruption in their lives. Each of the nine winners will receive an “Unstoppable” scholarship in the amount of $500-$3,400 to cover tuition and other costs for college or trade school.

This year the awards will also honor Jude D. Zeke Zeidler with the Foster Youth Service Award and Retired Referee Sherri Sobel with the Trailblazer Award for leading the effort to develop education services for foster youth in Edelman’s Children’s Court.

The awards are presented by the Dr. Anissa McNeil Education Endowment who “was raised by [her] grandmother, whom is [her] inspiration to try to help make a difference in these kids’ lives.”

Dr. McNeil shares that “This year, we will provide scholarships to ten foster youth who have overcome challenges and have a can-do attitude about life and learning.” In addition to the monetary scholarship, the award winners also are paired with an “Unstoppable Angel”; an Unstoppable Angel is a private donor who provides transportation and items to the scholarship awardees to move in to college. Unstoppable Angels also ensure that awardees do not go to college alone by accompanying them to move-in and helping them with the supplies they need for their new dorm room.

The Unstoppable Awards is a special ceremony in which celebrates students who have beaten the odds to thrive and grow as people and students. Did you know that according to the California Department of Education, nearly 60,000 children are in foster care statewide, and only about 50% graduate from high school, out of which 10% attend college or technical school, and 3% finish. The Unstoppable Awards aim to celebrate the tenacity of these students and to inspire and assist them in the goal of graduating college.

Tickets for the Unstoppable Awards ceremony and luncheon are available at www.edworks4u.org. Here you can buy tickets, and/or donate to the scholarship fund, or to the Unstoppable Angels program.


To purchase tickets, donate, or for more information on the Unstoppable Awards:

Dr. Anissa McNeil, at 213-634-0044