Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Slinger for David and The Curse. A prolific songwriter, David writes earnestly painting pictures with his electric guitar. (Photo courtesy of David and The Curse)
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Upcoming band: David and The Curse


David Stucken from the up-and-coming band David and The Curse, is a singer, songwriter, guitar slinger, and true talent. He writes painting pictures with his electric guitar, so it was a true pleasure to have the opportunity to interview him.

David and The Curse was formed in 2014-2015 utilizing Stucken’s best “poems and material to date and focused on refinement in producing the album”, and definement in developing a signature “sound.” The result is music that can be described as Rock ‘n’ Roll with a dark Disco feel.

Stucken says that the goal with the album was to “attain a sound that could be considered timeless.”  As well, he believes in honest songwriting, something that goes unappreciated in our modern world. He believes in “honesty in the music and I think that there is a need for true music with a message right now.”

Stucken’s band is one of the only “truly Independent Rock and Alternative artists” in the rock playlist on Apple Radio.

David and the Curse consists of Stucken, and band members including: Jarrod Alexander, percussion partner who plays in Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance’s band and was also in My Chemical Romance; Paul Miner, who plays bass. Miner was a founding member of the hardcore band Death By Stereo. Stucken says that, “he’s a very well-rounded musician and we’ve been playing together for years”; The keyboard is played by Greg Kuehn from TSOL and Danny Mcgough, a longtime friend; Bass guitar is played by Chris Null, who is also in a rock band called Dead Sara; Drums is played by Gene Louis; Keyboard is played by a high school band mate, Kyle Hammood; Finally, Stucken’s manager is Craig Walker. Stucken and Walker met when Walker was tour managing and Stucken was opening up for some of the bands he was managing.

“He took notice to my stage presence and writing and that was back in 2009. He and I both continued working on different paths but crossed ways and he heard the single ‘She Loves The Night’ and quickly requested the full LP. So, we decided to start working together creatively and productively,” said Stucken.

While David and the Curse is awesome to listen to, seeing it live is a whole other experience; when they play live, “the band changes.” They have some gigs lined up soon.

“We’re working on doing Warped Tour this summer, and locally we are talking about some ‘support’ slots on large bills,” said Stucken.

Stucken added that he would love to play an all-ages show because he is frequently playing clubs in Los Angeles that are 21 and over. He says, “there is an important group of young people who want to hear new Rock ‘n’ Roll with a message that are missing out.”

He says his inspiration for his music writing is life, the people he meets and have met, the current political climate, and feelings.

“I guess it’s my conscience,” he said.

David says that he would love for people to hear his music and “to just feel joy and a sense of themselves being in the song and it resonating with their own personal feelings.” He thinks that is what makes music therapeutic.

The one advice he had on teen readers is to question everything. He then quoted Ben Franklin as “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

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