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DC Comics building cinema universe to match Marvel

When the first trailer for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was released, the geek world gasped for air in excitement. Then everyone started wondering, where is Batman vs. Superman?

Around a week ago, DC fans got what they wanted. Batman and Superman appeared together in a teaser trailer that rocked the internet. Marvel and DC are both popular comic book companies that have been taking their superhero entities to the big screen.

However, DC is struggling to create a cinematic universe that not only appeals to their fans, but also can connect with those who are not as familiar with their characters.

After “Batman: the Dark Night Rises,” DC Comics has become a laughing stock when it comes to the big screen. Although “Man of Steel” hit the jackpot, it was unclear whether or not DC would pursue a cinematic empire. Superman had everything we wanted in the film: muscles, Louis Lane, and even a villain other than the traditional bald headed Lex Luthor.

But fans everywhere saw more holes to patch than answers to their questions. The movie showed a more violent approach to Superman, and even kids were shocked by the way Superman dismantled his foe, in a violent snap of his neck, which was shortly with an episode of a mental breakdown.

So why has DC not been able to hit the right cords as Marvel? First, DC does not have the human side to their characters. In movies Marvel has created, audiences have been able to tell the difference between Spiderman and Peter Parker. Clark Kent and Superman have always appeared to me to have the same motives and problems.

Second, DC has one of the most confusing cast for most of their upcoming movies. In the upcoming DC movie Suicide Squad, actors like Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis have been enlisted to help DC create a unique universe. Also DC has appeared to overload the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, with many different cameos by half of the characters that will appear in the future Justice League movies.

If some of you may recall, none of the current Avengers appeared alongside each other until after the credits of most of the movies, during each character’s independent films.

Looking past just the big screen, DC has had their fair share of successful animated movies that have become favorites among the comic book community. Where they do lack however is their ability to connect their tv series with the big screen.

Marvel has been able to keep “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” alive because when Thor’s movie comes out the next episode of Agents is immediately affected by the movie’s events. DC has already confirmed that star Stephen Amell who plays Green Arrow on the hit CW series “Arrow” would not appear on the big screen as Arrow as well as the show not having anything to do with the movies. DC needs to learn from Marvel.

Build a presence first, don’t just launch all your missiles at one time. On May 1, Marvel will be coming out with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” that will certainly destroy all other comic movies in its path. If DC is serious about building a cinematic universe like Marvel, then they need to step it up. Hopefully the Batman and Superman combination will be a success, but in the meantime allow me to get my Avenger t-shirt for Friday.