Fairfax Senior High School

How I’m fighting displacement in Mid City

As a teen, it is VITAL to know that YOU have the POWER to ORGANIZE!!!

With developments popping up and displacing Community Members I decided to do something about it. So I organized a Community Meeting. Where local residents can discuss what they feel about these developments and what can we do as a community to prevent more from popping up. Hope to see you there!

Organized by the Mid City Neighborhood Council Youth Representative, I invite you to
COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Developments on Redondo.

“Many developments are popping up on Redondo Ave, between Venice and 10 Fwy, which is resulting in the displacement of Mid City Residents. Let’s discuss what we as a Community can do to increase transparency between the City, Developers and Community members. Snacks will be provided.”

Thank You MINC for being very encouraging and supportive for the Youth Voice to be heard in the Community.