Fairfax Senior High School

Leaving my baby brother

As a recent high school graduate of Fairfax High School, I was very excited to accompany my brother on his first day of kindergarten. My five-year-old brother is attending the same elementary school that I once attended.

Since it was the first day of school, parents and older siblings were allowed to accompany the incoming kindergarteners to their classroom to meet and hear from the teacher about her expectations for the students and parents. As students entered and sat on their desk, I realized that the class size was a bit large for a kindergarten class. Each desk had a small container with about seven crayons that would be shared by two students.

Students were then told to sit on the carpet and the teacher began to explain the rules and expectations. One of the things that caught my attention was when she talked about their scarce resources. The teacher went on to explain that due to the school’s low budget the students will have to share a lot of material. She then said that she would send a list of materials that parents could donate to the class. After the teacher finished explaining this she asked the adults to say goodbye to the kids and of course that’s when all the kids began to cry.