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Opinion: Impeachment is not ideal

President Trump stands beside Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, who testified in the House impeachment investigation into Trump. (Associated Press)

Recent talks of impeachment have rattled this nation as a bitter fight between Democrats and Republicans continues as the 2020 election rolls around. As Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) initiated formal impeachment inquiry on Trump on Sept. 24, in a public announcement, according to the New York Times.

Since her official announcement, Pelosi has received a ton of backlash especially from the Donald himself of how unconstitutional it is and more tweets berating the impeachment process. In November, the House officially voted to proceed with the impeachment inquiry and started public proceedings.

The media has went off with 24/7 coverage on this ongoing situation where a tense Donald Trump faces investigations and subpoenas getting issued to his key campaign members. This ongoing media coverage has gotten many people to talk about impeachment and even in the Democratic Debates, impeachment has been a trending question.

There is still a sense of divide on whether or not there was an impeachable offense. Did President Trump commit a crime? Was there a “Quid Pro Quo?” Can he still be impeached even if no crime is committed? These types of questions have been lingering around Washington DC and the news media outlets the past month ever since the Ukraine transcript came out and the whistleblowers report started to gain steam in the media cycle.

Despite Pelosi’s efforts, impeachment may not be the best solution for the modern left and Democrats. Trump is disliked and impeachment so far has been polling rather positively such as the Fox News poll where more than 51% of respondents wanted Trump impeached and out of office.

Despite how favorable impeachment may be to the American people, for many on today’s Left, Trump getting impeached might be worse. If Trump, hypothetically speaking, gets impeached, the Vice President of the United States takes office.

The Vice President of the United States can’t be worse than Trump, right? Well, Mike Pence who is our Vice President is on many accounts a religious, highly conservative, anti-abortion, and anti-gay person would take over. Now, personally as a mostly conservative individual, I have no problem with Pence or Trump despite disagreeing with them on a variety of issues, but for the more moderate or liberal, he is more radical than Trump. He is more conservative, more anti-LGBTQ, more anti-abortion, etc. He is the epitome of what the Left absolutely hates and does not want: a Christian, white, privileged male, anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, conservative, Republican.

Next time one mentions how we should impeach Trump, think again. Do you want someone more against your ideals and more conservative than the Donald himself? Do you want a person that is a lot more “right” than the Donald? Maybe, think about voting the Donald out of office and replacing him with a candidate of your choice. Just some food for though during this season of impeachment!

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