Trump and Maduro (Left to Right) courtesy of ABC.
Fairfax Senior High School

Opinion: Please stay out of Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela or commonly known as Venezuela is a South American country that has been decimated by poverty, and is undergoing a political revolution, which all started with the election of Nicholas Maduro after the death of Hugo Chavez, according to the History Channel.

What has happened under Maduro is a complete disaster with high unemployment, abject poverty all across the country, and hyperinflation. According to Bloomberg, the Venezuelan unemployment rate is sky high with an estimated 44.3% figure.

According to The Heritage Foundation’s website, “Monetization of large public deficits, coupled with mismanagement of the state-dominated oil industry, has led to hyperinflation and shortages of foreign currency, basic goods, and industrial inputs,” and has heavily impacted the failing economy.

New plans by Maduro including trying to devalue their currency and increasing the minimum wage has all but made matters worse and with no end in sight, the people have revolted. The since democratically elected leader has become one that resembles a totalitarian dictator with reports that his “security forces” have killed hundreds and disarmament of the populace, according to the New York Times and the BBC.

But what does this have anything to do with United States? Well, as the Venezuelan economy continues to tank and many flee from the country, President Trump has continued to harshen the rhetoric towards Venezuela and has even said that “All options are on the table” regarding the crisis.

Trump must steer clear away from Venezuela. We must not enter Venezuela militarily nor should we directly facilitate anything inside Venezuela. We need to remember that the United States have continued to interfere in Latin America for decades and with little to no effect. In some cases, the United States have made it worse with the installment of pro-American dictators in places such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama. As a result of our own direct involvement in these countries, we have made the situation worsen and as a result have more revolutions, violence, and hatred for the United States.

President Trump and his administration must realize that not all options are on the table. Direct involvement and/or military should be off limits. However, continued economic sanctions which have been implemented by the Trump administration I believe is the first step in getting rid of Maduro in power, and letting the people elect someone that represents them and can truly change the country for the better. Please Mr. Trump, don’t invade Venezuela or try anything close to that, let the revolution play out and see Maduro be thrown out by his own people.