President Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer in a televised meeting on Dec. 11. (Photo courtesy of ABC News)
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Opinion: We need a compromise on the wall

As the days go by and no end in sight for the government shutdown, we have seen no real push to end this. We see prominent Democrats such as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer unwilling to negotiate on a border wall while the President, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and his Republican colleagues demand a wall.

What we really need is a compromise. The Democrats and Republicans should both give up something in order to reach a deal. Both parties need to stop this impasse and get negotiating.

The Democrats reluctance for a border wall is amusing as these same leaders expressed that a wall/fence was needed at the border just a few years ago. For example, Schumer during a speech in 2006 at Georgetown University stated that we need significant increases in infrastructure, technology and border personnel to achieve “operational control of our borders,” according to Fox News.

At the same time, Republicans need to acknowledge the fact that they themselves need to work with Democrats in order to pass this funding bill. They must have a bipartisan deal for this to pass both the House and the Senate. The President must also realize that a compromise must be needed in order to end this shutdown.

I believe that a fair deal will be to give the President his $5.7 billion for the wall in exchange for DACA recipients a path to citizenship. I think this is a fair deal in which both sides get something they wanted while giving up some things in order for a shutdown to end.

A deal like that was actually proposed last year, but Pelosi ended up rejecting a deal that would give the President money for his wall in exchange for DACA, according to Fox News.

Many Democrat pundits say that the wall is expensive, immoral, and ineffective. However, the federal government has spent billions on walls in places such as Tunisia, Israel, and Jordan according to Tucker Carlson, a Fox News contributor, on his show. He makes a valid point. We have given money to other countries to build walls, so why can’t we spend some to protect our own border? Are those walls not expensive, immoral, or ineffective?

Walls or other border barriers have worked all across the world from Israel to Morocco to Spain, according to USA Today. Even on our own border, a wall was built on the Yuma Sector and crossings decreased 90 percent, according to Homeland Security. According to The Hill, the border patrol chief has even said that walls work and they help secure the southern border. There is certainly a crisis at the border and we must find a way to manage this ongoing issue.

The President has only wished $5.7 billion is only 0.0338 percent of the federal expenditure, according to the Washington Times. The money the President is demanding is a meager sum if we look at how much the federal government spends.

The Democrats and Republicans must come to the negotiating table and make a deal. A deal involving giving DACA recipients a chance at citizenship in exchange for $5.7 billion for border security is a smart deal for both sides as well a deal the American people want. A GOP pollster found that a majority of Americans would support such a deal that gave border wall funding in exchange for a path to citizenship for DACA recipients, according to The Hill.

It is unfair for more than 800,000 federal workers to not get paid starting last week over a dispute by Congressmen when they are getting paid according to CNBC. That is outrageous and a “slap in the face” to those federal workers.

I urge you Mr. President, Speaker of the House, Speaker of the Senate, and the rest of Congress to stop the walking out and the bickering and to get back to business. Make a deal! A compromise is only fair and we must work together. This period of stalling and calling each other out is getting of hand.