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Opinion: Why the American people must vote Republican this November

As the month of October wraps up, an important time for the country is coming. The November midterm of 2018 is especially important. This midterm election can be a turning point for the direction of our country heads in. That is why on Tuesday, Nov. 5, it will mark a huge point in our nation’s history and our future for years to come.

%name Opinion: Why the American people must vote Republican this November
Unemployment Rate in the U.S from 1970 to Present (Graphic courtesy of CNBC, data courtesy of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Now, why should the American people even vote for Republicans? The answer lies in the fact that Trump has been doing a surprisingly good job in keeping his promises.

I’ll be honest, I really doubted Trump and was actually quite skeptical of what he would actually accomplish during his presidency. What I didn’t expect was a booming economy with lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years, a stock market at heights that has been unprecedented, and deregulation of businesses leading to more economic growth.

According to CNBC, “3.9 million more Americans have joined the ranks of the working during the Trump term… the economy in total has grown by $1.4 trillion through the second quarter under Trump; the same time period for Obama saw a gain of just $481 billion, or a third of Trump’s total.”

These statistics are very telling for the American people. As the economy is doing great, skeptics like myself have begun to support the president. One of his big legislative accomplishments such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has cut taxes for all income brackets over the next 10 years, and lowered corporate taxes making us more competitive in the world in bringing companies to the U.S where they can create jobs, manufacture, and benefit the economy.

Through these tax cuts, we see large corporations giving pay raises to its employees such as Apple, Aflac, AT&T, Chipotle and Walmart, just to name a few. Manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Carrier, and Toyota have reinvested in manufacturing plants in the U.S and brought these once so-called “jobs that are never coming back” back to the U.S. Trump and the Republican controlled Congress has delivered on the economy.

McConnell: Trump border wall fight will happen after midterms
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Anna Moneymaker / The Hill)

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and other members of Congress have said that they will begin to start working on a bill to give the rest of the funding for the wall (one of Trump’s key campaign promises) and a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress is needed to pass this.

Trump has also successfully renegotiated trade deals that were bad for our nation such as North American Free Trade Agreement and trade deals with the European Union.

Under Trump, the U.S. has backed out of the Iran Deal, started face to face negotiations on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, 17 captives have been set free, decimated ISIS, and has started to protect our borders.

These accomplishments that the president has accomplished are so great for the country, and in order to continue this era of prosperity on both the domestic and international stage, a Republican led Congress is needed to help support the president.

Image result for brett kavanaugh
Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Congressional hearing (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

We have also witnessed a complete and utter intolerant left which has used their power in the government to try and stop the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Democrats have been obstructive during the Trump presidency by instigating calls of violence against Republicans, stalling the nomination of Trump nominees, a reluctance to work with Republicans, bashing of Republicans, trying to block bills from passing, and a general hatred towards the President.

The media has not been covering this well, and the American people must realize this and make a decision. The choice is up to the American people. Do Americans want to keep making America great or do they want a change of direction to the Democratic party and witness the destruction of all the things that are nation has achieved under the first two years of the Trump administration and the Republican held Congress. This choice on how the nation feels will be revealed on that Tuesday, Nov. 6.


  • Reply Kenneth Min Kim October 30, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    A case to rebuttle:

    Even if the economy has been doing relatively well thus far, we must not forget why people didn’t push for Kavanaugh in the first place (the same reason why I, and many others, stand against the Republican leadership): their morals. President Trump has just proposed a change to Title IX, invalidating the existence of transgendered people everywhere. He has displayed countless shows of sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, and much more; as a member of some minority groups, I cannot stand for Trump. Tell me why, as a minority figure, I should vote for Trump, even when he enacts policies and states ideas and opinions that stand against my identity and the identity of my friends.

    Also, your section of the article: “According to CNBC, “3.9 million more Americans have joined the ranks of the working during the Trump term… the economy in total has grown by $1.4 trillion through the second quarter under Trump; the same time period for Obama saw a gain of just $481 billion, or a third of Trump’s total.”” is incredibly misleading.

    Obama was handed an economy that was reeling from the Great Recession, while Trump was handed an economy that had been flourishing underneath Obama (Trump may have risen the economy at a rate of 4.1% during the second quarter, but throughout his service as President, Obama reached a minimum 4% increase 4 different times, with his highest being a 5.2% increase). Of course Obama’s growth would be less than Trump’s; he had to save the economy first, which he did.

    You accuse the left of being intolerant, and yet the right continues to speak out against the testimony of sexual assault victims, wrongly blame minority figures, and stir racial discord. We fought against Kavanaugh’s appointment not only because of the multiple, detailed reports of sexual assault, but also due to his embarrassing breakdowns during the hearings; Kavanaugh is not fit to be on the SC. He’s reducing the SC’s prestige.

    To vote red purely because of an ‘economic’ reason (that stems out of blue success) while ignoring both Trump’s and the Republican Party’s disappointing track record on social justice rights is to vote blindly. Vote blue.


    • Reply Stephen Kim November 3, 2018 at 10:32 pm

      Well first off I want to say that I wrote this piece to start discussion. First off, Trump is not a racist nor any of the other things such as sexist, homophobe, and such. I am very sure we have very different morals and that is fine because as people we all have different views on certain things. I want to ask you specifically on specific policies that President Trump has enacted that ” stand against my identity and the identity of my friends.” Secondly, even if Obama did get us out of the recession, after the stimulus bill that was mostly tax cuts and such for large corporations to “stimulate” the economy, during his second term we see stagnant wage growth, more unemployment, more regulations, and more spending that led to a large deficit with no real growth in the economy. The notion that the economy stems from blue success has been debunked by many leading economists that credit Trump with the booming economy (check out The Hill’s article on that https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/368904-economists-agree-trump-not-obama-gets-credit-for-economy). And yes, you may disagree, but the left has been very intolerant. All across America you see the left instigating violence against Conservatives and Republicans. We see the left supporting this type of behavior. The right has spoken out against the testimony of the sexual assault victims because there is no corroborating evidence whatsoever. It’s not that the Right is intolerable and mean, but it is that there was no such evidence. Kavanaugh is definitely fit to be on the Supreme Court as he has experience, a strict constitutionalist, and a man with an impeccable reputation. Any person even of Kavanaugh’s stature would’ve broken down during the hearings. This is a man who the left tried to taint and ruin his life by using false testimonies of sexual misconduct against him. I’m still confused about the Republican party’s disappointing track record on social justice rights when this is the party that voted in favor for women voting, the civil rights act, and the freeing of slaves. The Democrats were the party that resisted this and many voted against these bills.I just want to say that this is the beauty of the First Amendment becuase we are free to disagree and speak about politics and this is what I wanted to do, to spark a conversation as the very important midterms arrive next week.

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