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Drake just surprised the world

Aubrey Drake Graham (known by the monomer “Drake”) released two new songs in the form of an EP with little warning at midnight EST on Jan. 20.  Under the name “Scary Hours,” his extended play contains two major themes: the arc of his career and the lifestyle that comes with it.  The only notice came from his instagram account “Champagnepapi.”

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“Scary Hours” includes two singles titled “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.”

Produced by Cardo, Boi-1da, and Yex, “God’s Plan” is the first song off of his extended play.  The song is also his first single since last summer. It starts off with a synth-heavy tune that is familiar of the Canadian rapper. He discusses that with his rising fame and success, many are eager to see him fall.

He sings, “I don’t wanna die for them to miss me / Guess I see the things that they wishin’ on me.”  He mentions the divine order that has put him where he is now–“God’s plan, God’s plan/I hold back, sometimes I won’t (yeah)/I feel good, sometimes I don’t (ayy, don’t).”

This one has a joyous vibe reminiscent of “Nothing Was the Same” Drake.  This song’s vibe counters the Jamaican influenced beats released on “More Life,” his album from last year.

Drake recognizes that his success is not only attributed to him. He takes the time to recognize and thank all those around him that have stuck by him and helped him get to where he currently is.

In the second verse of “God’s Plan,” Drake devotes a line to appreciate his friends and crew.  “Without 40, Oli, there would be no me / Imagine if I never met the broskis,” sings Drake.  He is referring to his friend and produced, Noah “40” Shebib.

While his first single takes a joyous vibe, “Diplomatic Immunity” has a hard instrumental.  The song is produced by Boi-1da and Nick Brongers.  It is easy to overlook the hard aspects of a life of fame.  Many of us can only imagine the benefits of a luxurious and grand life.

However, nothing is perfect; Drake discusses these aspects of his life.  After a decade in the music industry, Drake knows that he must be careful about what he says and who he says it to.  A lesson he mentions during the song is “I gotta watch who I’m talkin’ to like it’s all agents.”  The Canadian superstar also sings about women trying to link themselves to his fame.  This could be through tagging him on social media, saying they have talked with him, or even claiming to be pregnant with his child.

Earlier this month, Drake began dropping hints that he would be releasing new music.  This was also around the time that snippets of “God’s Plan” was leaked.  Fans around the world were speculating whether more music would be released.  Now with two songs to stream, fans are eager to receive more from the Six God. Will the Canadian rapper be releasing new music this year?  If so, how soon?  He hasn’t said much publicly, but just like his surprise release of Scary Hours, no one knows what’s in store for Drake’s 2018.