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Opinion: Brazil’s medical system is close to collapse

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As the novel coronavirus rapidly spreads in overall Latin America and especially in Brazil, the biggest economic and political unit in the region, the Brazilian economy and medical system are close to being paralyzed.

As a result of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s forced economic reopenings not caring about the surge of the cases pertaining to the virus, Sao Paulo is close to announcing the seal of the entire city, according to the BBC. The Brazilian CDC, which is the organization that has to take charge of the coronavirus, is also in complete chaos as the ministry of health of the federal government recently resigned due to the continuous conflicts with Bolsonaro, according to the New York Times, who calls the virus as a “simple flu.”

As of June 24, Brazil has the second most coronavirus cases in the world, recently surpassing the milestone of 1 million cases and average daily cases of more than 35,000, according to the New York Times coronavirus data. Moreover, on June 19, Brazil saw a surge of the virus of daily cases reach 52,000, which designates that the circumstances and situations in Brazil are extremely dire.

Bruno Covas, the mayor of Sao Paulo, recently remarked in an interview with the Brazilian broadcast saying that most of the hospitals and medical institutions in the city would face the phase of complete paralysis, meaning that hospitals would not be able to take more patients. In addition to that, Covas said on the broadcast that lockdowns have to remain in Sao Paulo as economic reopenings coerced by the president Bolsonaro could lead up to complete paralysis and collapse of the medical system in the city.

However, President Jair Bolsonaro has been constantly forcing heedless economic reopenings in states and cities in the midst of a severe surge of coronavirus cases throughout the entire nation. According to Reuters, the President joined the rally protesting “unnecessary” lockdowns and limitations on economic activities on June 18, when cases in Brazil surpassed 1 million.

Continuous conflicts and severe discords between the health ministry and the federal government are currently exacerbating the situation and pushing the nation to the edge. Due to these discords and prospects that Brazil could not curb the spread of the virus until the vaccine comes out, the Brazilian economy is also facing signs of economic recessions.

Foreign investors are taking their money out of the country as soon as possible, and the domestic economy is facing a huge downturn due to limitations on economic activities, according to The Economist. Moreover, the International Monetary Fund predicted that the country would face a minus growth in the national GDP of -5.3%, according to the International Monetary Fund. This leads to the nation seeming like it is facing a number of troubles and hardships at the same time.

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