Spider-Men take over WonderCon. (Photo by Alora Lindsey)
Fairmont Preparatory Academy

My experience at 2019 WonderCon

A couple months ago I went to the Anaheim WonderCon, basically a little brother of Comic-Con. For a person who doesn’t like reading comics, watching classic (or modern) movies and knows nothing about multi-universe, WonderCon is actually pretty fun.

First, you can see people dress in costumes. There is a specific term for that: Cosplay. You will recognize some of cartoon, anime or movie characters, which will make you feel included.

The first floor is full of shops. By shops I mean nerds selling their comics and arts to richer nerds. Just kidding, some sellers are talented artists and some of them own bigger stores elsewhere, the buyers are all collectors because the products you can get are actually legit.

If you are interested in buying certain anime merch or movie merch or just anything that looks cute and nice in general, you should definitely go to the first floor, you can find some hidden gems. (Also some of the artists will give out their first comic book for free)

The second fun part about WonderCon are the panels (you can actually meet celebrities there), even if you don’t know anything about movies or comics, you can still go there to see all the fans asking weird questions to the writers, artists, and producers.

The first panel I went to is about “Jonny Quest,” an American Animated Series that was popular in the 1960s. There were a bunch of elder people there, which wasn’t a surprise. To be honest, I didn’t know this show until I came home and Googled it, it was pretty cool actually, it is one of the animations that changed the whole American animation industry.

I still remember when I walked into the panel and the people all gave me weird looks like they were saying, “what is this annoying teenager doing here?” However, I still had fun despite the age gap because I got to watch one of the hidden episodes during the panel.

The second panel I went to was on a discussion on “what’s the best superpower,” that was really interesting. Artists and writers of Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash…etc. were there answering some really fun questions, I enjoyed that panel really much. One of the writers said he doesn’t like Flash’s power because he thought running is exhausting.

The third panel I went to was about the background music in the movies, four of the composers were there talking about how can music changes the mood of film, which is really true because music can connect with human emotions, I can’t count how many times I’ve cried during a movie because of the background music.

Then I went and watched 15 minutes of Japanese anime, good times.

The last panel I went to was the movie fight, although I haven’t watched any shows or movies they were debating I can feel the intensity. The movie fighters broke down each movie into pieces and analyzed them carefully on every level.

I remember clearly someone said something about a zombie movie (cannot remember which one) is good because it reflects on society’s racial issues. I am not an expert on movies (obviously), but listening to experts talking on those different movies really inspired me to see movies in a brand new way.

Movies are not just for entertaining, people can also express their feelings, social issues and important messages throughout those movies. I think that is really interesting, how different people can interpret a movie in a whole different way, and platforms like WonderCon give them a chance to say their perspectives. And I think that’s why WonderCon is such a popular and meaningful events.

People know everything about movies and I love hearing their opinions on movies.

I’ve always wanted to be a scriptwriter, and now I want it even more. I like WonderCon, and writers rule!