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We have spotted a wild Donald Trump in its natural habitat. It has built a wall around its surrounding territory. Luckily, we can see it from this elevated hill here. We can also see how it throws rocks from the top of the wall towards the surrounding animals… quite a fascinating creature. Over here we…
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Ricardo Garcia

January 20, 2017

We have spotted a wild Donald Trump in its natural habitat. It has built a wall around its surrounding territory. Luckily, we can see it from this elevated hill here. We can also see how it throws rocks from the top of the wall towards the surrounding animals… quite a fascinating creature.

Over here we have spotted a wild Hillary Clinton in its natural habitat. Within its territory we can see it providing healthcare and women’s rights to its fellow animals. What a magnificent sight to see. It seems to be providing efficient education to its surrounding animals. Wonderful, just wonderful.

Now it is time to cross over to the other side of the hill. It seems like we have spotted a wild Ricardo Garcia in its natural habitat. The creature is letting all the other animals in. I think he has spotted me; I believe it is signaling me to come and take a look… we walked in and determined that everything is marvelous. Everyone is treated as equals, every animal has work, every animal has rights, and every animal can make a decent living. This creature seems to be trying to build some kind of utopia. Cameraman, you can head back to the studio, I’ll stay here a while longer.

Presidency isn’t a job to take lightly but at the same time it provides a tremendous opportunity for change. I believe that there are three issues that require change: Immigration, living wages, and homelessness. These issues have persisted for decades yet haven’t been solved. The anguish, fear, and grief caused by these problems should, no, they must disappear so that families can live happily. The government and President have two obligations: to protect the happiness of its citizens, and to vanquish the fears that govern its people.

Don’t be a “Trump.” Immigrants are not inferior, they are humans as well. As president, I would welcome any immigrant with the condition that they must have the urge to work. (Political asylum would be welcomed as well.) This country took shape through the work of immigrants. When I open my eyes to look at the television and the community I witness the grief and sorrow families suffer when separated from each other. It is inhumane. Why separate families? They just want a better life for themselves. Many people don’t comprehend what it feels like to be separated from their families, to be hated for dreaming of a better life, and to be forced to go back to their countries, too often consumed by gangs and violence. People who don’t understand might believe that they are superior, and I want to break that mentality. I want to break the wall that separates Americans from any other human. Our Declaration of Independence states: “All men are created equal” and with that in mind, as President, I will hold America accountable to that statement.

Our life is valuable; it isn’t something that should be wasted on three part time jobs just to be left with almost nothing to ourselves in the end. Jobs shouldn’t provide a minimum wage. What they should really provide is a living wage. Living wages would help families spend less time working and more time being together. This country is progressive and capitalist, where what matters most is making money and technology as quick as possible. Should these ideals interfere with the bonding of families? Should we keep stable homes elusive? Of course not. We know better than that. We were born with the gift of intelligence and the capability to understand common sense. Common sense tells us that everyone deserves a chance at a stable home. Those who believe not everyone deserves a chance know better deep in their hearts, but they are consumed by greed.

Scientifically speaking humans were born to survive but that has become so easy for us because of our capability to mass produce food and build whatever our hearts desire. Yet, we still have homeless people roaming the streets. Many people claim homeless people are homeless because of drugs and addiction, that is not true for all of them. Some are derived from opportunities, others have horrifying injuries (such as losing a leg or arm) that prevent them from working. I would provide housing for the homeless roaming the street, and appropriate clothing so they could get a job (those with injuries would get specific jobs depending on the injury). I would also help them integrate into society so they may rejoin the workforce. These homeless deserve a chance, something they might have been denied, and with it I shall help them change their way of living so they won’t fall back into such depths again.

Back at the studio they realized that their show host for “Kingdom of Animals” had not come back after several weeks. The cameraman and some others decided to revisit the place in where they left him. Upon arriving, they found him along with other animals selling freshly baked goods. Cameraman: “Oh there you are, we are here to take you back.” Host: “Why? I love it here, I even got a nice job at this establishment, you can even see my house from here.” Cameraman: “We need to continue working on our show, you still have a contract.” The others with the cameraman began to take the host and his belongings from the house away. They got into their Jeep and went on the road back. On the way back they passed by the city hall of the strange city. There was a sign on the lawn that read “Equality, jobs, and homes for all!” That was the last thing they all saw from the city before they left.

Writing by Ricardo Garcia

Art by Vincent Avila

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