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If I were president…

Have you ever stopped to think and wonder

What life would be like if you took over?

Would there be endless change in sight?

Or would it remain the same both day and night?

Would you make all health care free

Allowing people to pay no fees?

Or would you tax that 1% more money?

Although, to them, it’s not funny.

Would you lower the cost of college tuition

To give students the opportunity to complete their mission?

Or would you make it easier for immigrants to work

To support their families and to put on a smirk?

Would you put those in jail who commit serious crimes,

And educate the ones who don’t need to do hard time?

Or would you reduce the percentage of homelessness,

In order to create less woefulness?

If I were president, I would.


Poetry by Juliana Foley

Paintings by Alexia Sambrano

Join us February 16 as students perform their work live through spoken word, music, video and theatre on in Downtown LA. RSVP here

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