101 #justfshathings

When you go to a school on the top of a hill, there’s bound to be more than a few unique things about your experience. Here’s 101 #justFSHAthings that are definitely relatable: Coming to school in Uggs and leggings as soon as the weather is below 70˚ Bernstein’s sweater vests When Mr. Bernstein calls on…
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Cailynn Knabenshue

January 11, 2016

When you go to a school on the top of a hill, there’s bound to be more than a few unique things about your experience. Here’s 101 #justFSHAthings that are definitely relatable:

  1. Coming to school in Uggs and leggings as soon as the weather is below 70˚
  2. Bernstein’s sweater vests
  3. When Mr. Bernstein calls on you in English and you start to panic because you’re unprepared
  4. Missing the curly/battered fries that were served every Wednesday
  5. Missing the burritos
  6. Missing the chocolate chip cookies
  7. Really being way too obsessed with food in general
  8. Waking up approximately .5 seconds before you need to leave for school
  9. Having a museum collection of sweatshirts…
  10. But still getting in trouble for wearing a non-uniform sweatshirt
  11. Rolling your skirts
  12. Having an impressive sock collection — so large you have a different theme every week
  13. Buying your own food at lunch but still eating your friend’s food too
  14. Getting that pizza delivery phone call in the middle of English class
  15. Getting yelled at by Mrs. Thompson as a freshman for standing in the middle of the hallway
  16. Getting a tan line on your finger from your Junior Ring
  17. Singing bio songs with Ms. Power
  18. Never ever getting the Tolog Beat right
  19. Freshman year synchronized swimming
  20. The walk down to the main building
  21. Going to school in an old hotel
  22. Having pastel colored skirts
  23. Having a blue skirt when it’s not a school color
  24. $600 blazers
  25. The endless competition for the most decorated blazer lapels
  26. The die-hard competition during Spirit Week, even when everyone knows the seniors always win
  27. Dress-like-a-boy day
  28. Getting in trouble for wearing shorts on dress-like-a-boy day
  29. When you can’t wear shorts so everyone shows up to school in Lulu’s
  30. Being too involved in everything
  31. The two-club rule
  32. Enrichment/study hall
  33. Nicholson’s budding music career
  34. Gough’s ties and shades
  35. Cramer’s rainbow of button-down shirts
  36. Cramer’s silly hats
  37. Making ice cream with Mrs. Sarkarati in chem
  38. Finally becoming an upperclassman and feeling important
  39. Being ignored as a sophomore
  40. Wearing knee-length skirts as a freshman…
  41. And buttoning up polos as a freshman
  42. The end-of-the-year APES project
  43. Never really being caught up with your annotations
  44. Not doing your summer reading
  45. Not doing homework
  46. Buxman’s zipper shirt
  47. Thornton’s laugh
  48. Hearing Mr. Thornton’s yell from down the hall
  49. Nish
  50. Barrero’s intense speeches in Spanish III
  51. Jamming your locker
  52. Never using your locker after freshman year because you can’t remember the combo
  53. Waiting three years to finally wear Converse high tops to school…
  54. But wearing them anyways and getting an infraction
  55. Feeling constantly stressed
  56. The view from the octagon
  57. Having to deal with SF and Loyola boys
  58. Going to school on a mountain
  59. The “i go to school in a cloud” Snapchat stories
  60. After school runs to Chipotle
  61. Never having cell service
  62. Going to volleyball games because we don’t have a football team
  63. Using the alma mater as a cheer at sporting events
  64. Going to football games at SF and Loyola instead
  65. Having to work on Google docs
  66. Google Classroom
  67. JRP and SRP
  68. Pope Francis watch parties
  69. Ortega’s cardboard cutout of Pope Francis
  70. The annual pi-day pie eating contest
  71. Buying a whole pie at break during the bake sale because you can
  72. Being late to class because you were waiting in line all break to buy food from a bake sale
  73. Mariner’s world
  74. Coming to school sick because you’re scared to miss out on work
  75. Cornell notes in APUSH
  76. Finally getting a Snapchat filter
  77. Realizing that the Snapchat filter only works in the main hall
  78. The dance concert
  79. The productions
  80. The pops concert
  81. The art show
  82. The Dodgeball tournament
  83. Powderpuff
  84. Having way too much senior pride
  85. Getting senioritis on the first day of senior year
  86. Hearing freshmen complain about stress and laughing
  87. Lizards everywhere
  88. Deer everywhere
  89. The faculty ComedySportz match
  90. When Dr. Gough shaved his beard and no one recognized him
  91. Wearing fuzzy socks with your leggings during the winter
  92. Having to rotate between plaid skirts and pastel skirts in the fall/winter/spring
  93. Having a wardrobe full of FSHA sweatpants, t-shirts, etc.
  94. Trying to hug all of your friends during the sign of peace at Mass
  95. Hugging everyone when you see them outside of school at dances or other school events
  96. Having a few teachers who you know you can always rant to
  97. Looking forward to college counseling/advising so you can pack up in the middle of class
  98. Doing super cool activities with your clubs
  99. The Santa Teresita Christmas party
  100. The Aloha Kai snow cone days and the bake sales that will leave you both trampled on and in a sugar coma
  101. Forming lifelong friendships with your fellow Tolog sisters


—Sarah Burrola and Cailynn Knabenshue

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