Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Opinion: Senior year is worse than junior year

To be completely honest, whenever I walk down freshman hall and hear complaints about high stress levels because of one biology test and three hours of homework, I cringe.

Now that’s not to say that I didn’t complain about those very things when I was a little “freshie,” but now that I’m in the middle of the toughest — and final — year on the “Hill,” I’ve realized that when it comes to stress (sorry juniors) the seniors have it the worst.

It’s a given that every year brings more homework and harder classes, especially if you take every honors and AP possible. While the jump from freshman to sophomore year is drastic, the leap between being a underclasswoman and a upperclasswoman is even higher, regardless of whether or not you’re an above average student.

During the middle of my junior year, I couldn’t possibly imagine how the seniors could complain about being more stressed out than I was. I had been hearing for years that junior year was definitely the hardest year and I wasn’t about to let some senioritis-infected (which, by the way, is a legitimate thing) seniors take that expectation away.

On top of the normal, increased homework load, despite how rigorous the class schedule, seniors also have the added pressure of college apps. There are main essays, supplements, and question upon question of personal information to deliver. This doesn’t include scholarship applications.

I have only now come to realize just how wrong I was in assuming that junior year was the hardest. I have a feeling that once second semester rolls around, the stress levels will still be high, but the motivation to finish homework on time will no longer exist. But the rumor that junior year is the peak of stress, sorry to say, is not true. I don’t think I’ve gone to bed before 1 a.m. all year and I have pulled more than a handful of all-nighters because of homework, tests and essays.

Freshmen have it easy. Sophomores, slightly harder. Juniors, you admittedly do have some right to complain about stress levels, but don’t even think about uttering the word “junioritis,” because senior year is definitely the hardest and most stressful year on the Hill.