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Scarffie—pretty but practical fashion accessory

If you want to add another element of fashion to your vogue collection, “Scarffie” is definitely going to meet your trendy desire.

Even though we live in extremely hot weather in California, people grab a jacket before leaving the house to keep themselves warm from air conditioners. This has become one of the have-to-do things. But it is not that simple for girls because nobody wants a big, ugly jacket to cover up a pretty outfit.

Marie Galloway, the founder of this beautiful, creative product, designed Scarffies in 2009 out of medical necessity. Galloway suffered from lupus, a chronic, inflammatory disease that required her to visit the hospital frequently. She found herself constantly experiencing chills followed by hot flashes both in and out of hospital.

Galloway finally decided to stop the burden of carrying a jacket around by designing scarves with oversized pockets that she could wrap around herself. Not only did it keep her warm from air conditioning, the scarf also allowed Galloway to carry her cell phone, medical and personal ID information in the pockets without lugging another bag around.

Scarffie comes in a great variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, ranging from “American lace” and “beach Scarffie” to “patterned grey” “and “vintage black and white.”

The lightweight material allows the scarf to become much more than a cold weather accessory. You can put keys, sunglasses and your phone in the pockets while keeping your hands free.

Costs range from $30-$40, a price that is both good for you and for your friends if you want to buy them a gift.

There are four simple steps on how to wear the scarf: wrap it, tie it, belt it or throw it over your shoulder. There is no wrong way to wear a Scarffie.

To buy your own Scarffie, you can either shop online at scarffie.com or go to a retail store at Desert Artists in Palm Springs or Falkner Winery in Temecula.

—Ellen Li