Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Schedule changes for second semester at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Students won’t be able to sleep in anymore on Tuesday mornings, due to a new schedule set to be implemented next semester following months of complaints by students, teachers and parents.

The changes were revealed to the student body via morning announcements on Jan. 5.

The biggest difference is that most late starts have been eliminated.

“I definitely like that there are not going to be anymore late starts, because when we did have late starts I still needed to wake up at the same time in order to get to school on time and beat traffic,” said senior Jenna Tran.

Students weren’t the only ones who had complaints.

“Many concerns from faculty about the number of instructional minutes lost when we have multiple late starts [sparked the changes]” explained Mrs. Sherrie Singer, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction. “The schedule was also difficult for parents of students who do not take the bus as it was an irregular drop off time in the morning.”

As the junior and senior research projects conclude, the new schedule will allow for extra mandatory 80-minute block class periods for each AP in April as those classes prepare to take exams.

Reaction to the new schedule, the fifth iteration in four years, was mixed.

“I’m looking forward to the schedule changes in second semester because they will help de-stress the seniors by giving us time during the day to work on our research projects,” said senior Lacie Fradet.

Not all students agree that late starts should be almost entirely removed.

“I actually like late starts, they allow me to sleep in or study in the morning. The health and wellness assemblies take too much time and just make me think of all of the homework I could be doing,” said sophomore Jinan Al-Marayati.

Some teachers were also supportive.

“I think it solves all the problems. With the removal of the early dismissals, there’s hope that [students] will use the extra time to be productive,” said Mrs. Kristina Ortega.

Others were unsure why the schedule needed to be changed.

“I don’t think there was any reason to change the schedule. I didn’t get any input. I’m sure it’s a work in progress so I’m expecting it to change in time for next year,” said Mr. Michael Thornton. “I don’t like that the late starts are removed and we still have to stay until 2:30 on some Fridays.”

Students and faculty will need to check the schedule daily in order to avoid confusion.

“As always, the administration will be looking for student feedback during the first few weeks of second semester as the new schedule unfolds,” said Mrs. Rosemary Johnston, assistant principal of student affairs.