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Cafe Ficelle serves a dish of fantastic flavors


A local business begins its mark on Mills road, adding in new mixes of food to Ventura. Cafe Ficelle is a French restaurant that opened a few months ago and has taken its new place as the cafe you must try.

You walk into a grand area, themed black and white to match a modern french look. The restaurant itself looks as if it belongs in New York City. Instantly, you are met with the smell of amazing foods that make your mouth water with pure desire. As soon as you walk past the threshold an aisle with all kinds of baked goods meets your left side and then leads you out to a wide area to sit, and front has an outdoor patio where you can enjoy food on a sunny warm Ventura day.

I started out with a cappuccino that was both bold and smooth. I am not generally a fan of coffee but this was very appealing to the tastebuds. I followed with Cafe Ficelle’s French Country Chicken and Soup which put all other chicken soups to shame. The typical, boring chicken soup is brought to life with flavors that were so unique. This chicken soup is not only out of the ordinary, but additionally has a puff pastry placed in the middle.

The bread is soft and soaked in the delicious broth. Within the broth, the chicken, vegetables and melted cheese match and contrast each other perfectly. This savory soup delights my mouth with so many fantastic flavors. The only downside is the price at $9.95, but it meets the portion.

The next item I ordered was the Pouet Rôti sandwich. The chicken is pulled, roasted and prepared well. The juicy chicken is complimented by roasted bell peppers, caramelized onions, crispy lettuce and dressing that is to die for. This sandwich was something new for me. I went out of my comfort zone and ventured to a different type of sandwich. One thing I can say is I definitely am glad I gave it a try.

Overall, Cafe Ficelle is a great restaurant that consistently has people coming back for more. The meal I had was so flavorful but a little pricey. The $9.95 soup, $9.95 sandwich and the $3.75 Cappuccino added up to be higher than expected but it’s definitely worth the money.

–Sophia Parker

Featured Image Credit: Claire Renar

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