Claire Dinkler/The Foothill Dragon Press
Foothill Technology High School

How To: DIY Mirrored Plate (video)

For many, Valentine’s Day can be the best or worst holiday, depending on if you spend it with someone. This year, treat yourself or your significant other to this beautiful craft.

This decorative plate will certainly catch anyone’s eye when on display in your home. The DIY is based on old DVDs and their iridescence that looks gorgeous against the light.

You will need:

  • Old DVDs or videogames
  • Heavy-duty glue
  • Plate
  • Wire cutters
  • Grout
  • Spoon and bowl
  • Knife and paper towels

Steps to make this mosaic:

1. Begin by prepping your DVDs. Using wire cutters, cut the DVD in half. As you do, it may become apparent that there are two layers to the DVD. (CDs do not have these two layers, which makes it important to use DVDs) The easiest way to separate the layers it from the inner plastic of the disc.

2. Once the layers are separated discard of the layer that doesn’t contain the iridescence. The iridescent layer will need to be cut into smaller pieces to achieve the mosaic appearance.

3. Depending on your preference, you can either arrange the disc pieces and then glue, or glue as you arrange the pieces. If you are on a time crunch, gluing the pieces down as you arrange them is the way to go! We used Liquid Nails for our adhesive, but Super Glue and e6000 would work well too. You may have to cut the discs into certain shapes as you go to fit certain spots of the mosaic.

4. Wait about 24 hours, or overnight for the glue and mosaic to completely dry.

5. Apply the grout based on the instructions given on the package.

6. Spread the grout in between the cracks. It is recommended you use something with a smooth edge. A serrated knife will scratch the discs as the grout it applied. Don’t fret if the grout gets over the mosaic. With a simple wipe of a damp towel, the mosaic will look like it did before.

7. Wait for grout to dry according to package.

There you go! A beautiful mosaic to share with family and friends. This DIY is not exclusive to plates and can be applied to ornaments, picture frames, jewelry, and more. Enjoy your work of art.

–Suvee Ranasinghe