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The Shift Dress: Simple with endless options

Holiday dresses can get quite expensive as we near the New Year. Instead of buying the overpriced laced dress for future occasions, take time to invest in a simple dress that can be played up or down. This past year the shift dress made its comeback. The effortless piece can be worn on its own in some settings such as school, but can make a statement at your sophisticated dinner party.

This scarf specifically has floral pieces of maroon to match the dress. Credit: Sarah Kagan/The Foothill Dragon Press

Dresses in neutral colors like black, gray, white and even brown match with more accessories. Buying articles of clothing in neutral palette makes them easier to repurpose. This color scheme will be crucial to get the most usages out of your dress.

Keep it casual: For those who live in colder climates, a dress isn’t always ideal. However, applying casual layers to a simple dress keeps you warm and your outfit cute. A denim jacket will go a long way in your closet. Add a jean jacket to your dress to instantly bring the outfit to a more casual degree.

Scarves play along well with denim. It might be winter, but floral scarves with multiple colors will easily go along with other pieces in your wardrobe. To complete this casual look boots and thick socks are a great touch!

An easy girly look: Shoes can also serve as a statement accessory too. Dainty Oxfords are a feminine piece to make the overall outfit girlier. Oxfords come in all materials and patterns to all sexes.

While a black pair would match with this outfit, a floral pair serves just as well. The print is dark and works well in the winter. The red roses tie back into the dress. In addition to the shoes, once again is a scarf.

Scarves overall are such simplistic accessories and are efficient in keeping you warm. The green scarf creates the famous red and green Christmas combo with the maroon dress, and the scarf amplifies the green in the floral print of the shoes. Dainty jewelry gives the outfit extra glam and keep it from being too simplistic.

Make it formal: To make the dress appropriate for formal occasions, shoes can completely change a look. Heels and flats work perfect to make this simple dress work for your fancy family dinner.

Height from the heels make a statement and will give you some confidence. These black booties not only give me the extra inches that I need but also add femininity back to the outfit when a bulky coat is added to the mix.

Big coats such as this one are often intimidating because they will seemingly hide your entire outfit. Placing the coat on your shoulders will still show off the dress underneath and keep you warm. To work oversized outwear add them to polished and feminine pieces.

Shift dresses offer endless possibilities for any occasion. They may seem boring, but with so many combinations these effortless dresses will get your creative juices flowing. A simple dress may seem too casual for the upcoming holidays, but when styled correctly can work for any situation.

Background Photo Credit: Sarah Kagan/The Foothill Dragon Press

–Suvee Ranasinghe