Fountain Valley High School

Are senior class rings too expensive?

The J. Lewis Small Company has been taking class rings orders for Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) for many years. They have over 200 different ring design with prices ranging from $199.00 to $431.00. Some of the ring prices may vary due to fluctuating price of gold. Most students intend not to buy a class ring because of the very high price range, so FVHS seniors state what they think about class rings and why they aren’t buying them.

Class Ring Order pic one
“I am not planning to buy a class ring because I feel like class rings are not useful for anything in the future. You just order it and you leave it there and they aren’t worth anything in my opinion” –Brendan Ly
class ring order part 5
“No [about not buying a class ring] because I work at Sears and I don’t get a lot of money” –Mark Gerges
class ring order part 6
“No, [about planning to buy a class ring]. I don’t feel as if I’m going to use it or wear it in the future so I don’t want to waste money on it” –Katelyn Tran



class ring order pic 2
“No [did not purchase a class ring] because I knew that I wouldn’t use it and I think they were kind of ugly. My dad got one in college and it’s just sitting in our safe so I figured there’d be no point in spending money on a ring when I could spend money on things I would actually enjoy using” –Lisa Rusali
class ring order part 7
“No, I am not [buying a class ring] because I just feel like if I get one, I never gonna wear it and it just doesn’t seem necessary for me to get one. I think for a class ring it might be too expensive. To some people it’s a big deal but to me it isn’t” –Justin Dimeck
class ring order part 4
“No [about buying a class ring] because they are expensive and I don’t have that kind of cash” –Kaleb Nordfelt

— Sandra On
–Photos by Bridget Ton