Fountain Valley High School

Are senior expenses worth the cost?

Some students believe that senior year is the most costly of the four years of high school. Seniors at Fountain Valley High School have put in a lot of their own money into making senior year the best.

“In some ways it has had too many expenses. Since it is the last year, we all want to go to as many events as possible and experience senior year together,” said senior Tiffany Han. “They are really fun, but with prom and grad night, those events cost a lot.”

One of the biggest contributions to their expenses is “Senior Grad Night,” which starts at a price of $110. Some students think that they can use that money on something more, while others believe that there is only one grad night in their life.

Senior Nicole Vuong pays for her senior expenses. Photo illustration by Steve Phan.
Senior Nicole Vuong pays for her senior expenses. Photo illustration by Steve Phan.

“From what I hear from my graduated friends, they tell me that grad night is a night not to miss. They talked about the extremely fun games, the chances to win prizes, and most importantly: unlimited In-N-Out,” said senior Timothy Hoang. “I feel like grad night’s cost of $110 is definitely reasonable.”

Other expenses that seniors pay for are for prom and homecoming (e.g. tickets, outfit, transportation, restaurant), senior events (e.g. senior cruise, fundraisers), and graduation (e.g. cap and gown). To top it off, seniors have to pay for academic obligations such as Advanced Placement exams and college applications.

Even though many of these are optional, seniors want to make their final year the best and most memorable. However, the costs do add up in the end and can make damage on the wallets of Fountain Valley seniors.

–Linh Nguyen