On the day of the first round of voting for the B4L design contest, the B4L raffle was spun. Photo by Sandra Genidy.


B4L changes its look

B4L values are intertwined in speeches, posters and the new B4L card at Fountain Valley High School
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Alexys DeMaria

December 27, 2021
The slogan “Baron For Life” is intertwined throughout the Fountain Valley High School campus and culture. It finds itself embedded in speeches, posters and most prominently in the B4L raffle here at FVHS.

The four B4L values of being considerate, analytical, curious and connected are seen as a way to approach life to Supervision member Dawn Basquez, who runs the raffle.

Students who are seen reflecting B4L values can receive a raffle card from a staff or administration member. When submitted to the supervision office, students are eligible to be chosen every Friday to win a $25 gift card of their choice including Target, Amazon and more.

“We want to really celebrate those non-academic achievements as well, because those are the things that you really carry through life,” Basquez said.

Basquez hoped this competition would help newer students who weren’t aware of the program become more acquainted with what B4L means to the school.

“[The contest is] a new way of personalizing [B4L values] and allowing students to have their vision of B4L to be seen,” Basquez said.

The cards now have a new look. A design contest allowed students to submit their take on what the B4L cards should look like in the future and FVHS students voted on their favorite design in early October.

The B4L card has a new look this year. Illustration by Kaylee Nguyen.

The winner of the contest, junior Kaylee Nguyen submitted her designs for the contest after hearing it promoted through Barons All Together time.

“Before this contest, I did not know much about the B4L raffle since my teachers rarely gave out the B4L cards to students,” Nguyen said. “However, I remember going over B4L values at the beginning of each school year, and I constantly see the B4L posters around school.”

As the publicist for the Save The Children club at FVHS, she had experience of making graphics.

“I have been interested in design and visual arts since middle school, but I became more involved during sophomore year of high school,” Nguyen said.

She created her card design using bright colors and vivid fonts.

“I was not exactly sure how I wanted to format the card, so I submitted four different designs. For this particular design, my vision was a simple, classic card with some modern details,” Nguyen said.

She wants the card to remind students that they are all Barons for Life as well as encourage students to participate in school activities and contests as much as possible.

“I did not think that I had much of a chance [in the design contest], but I decided to try anyway. I am glad that I did because now I feel less afraid to participate [in contests],” Nguyen said.

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