ASB club commissioners present ARK board with December club of the month. Photo courtesy of Katie Ellis
Fountain Valley High School

Clubs of the Month hits Fountain Valley

Clubs of the Month started this school year when the Associated Student Body (ASB) club commissioners, senior Khoa Phan and junior Sabella Tran, decided to showcase the various clubs on campus and generate appreciation and recognition from the student body for their impact on the school and community.

Clubs of the month are chosen by ASB club commissioners with some input from ASB adviser Josh Lamar.

“Clubs of the month is chosen based on clubs we feel that stand out either by their events, activities and/or member participation,” Tran said. Keeping up with club minutes before due dates is also a crucial aspect in picking the clubs of the month. This allows ASB to keep track of the club’s activities.

Clubs chosen for Clubs of the Month will be recognized with a poster in front of the activities office with their name and presented with an award at their meeting by club commissioners on behalf of ASB.

December Clubs of the Month were awarded to Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) and Key Club.

ARK Co-president and senior Tiffany Lam said, “I think we were all very surprised because we didn’t even know that this Club of the Month award was a thing. To be able to be recognized for all the hard work we’ve done since the beginning of the year is just an amazing feeling because it gives us a sense of purpose knowing that what we’re doing is actually making a positive impact on campus. This definitely helps us in our drive to make our campus a better, kinder place.”

Key Club Treasurer and junior Kyle Do said, “I think it’s really great that our club gets some recognition for our Key Club week. We want to show our school how effective we are when we as a student body come together and show our love and kindness to everyone.”

Clubs are a crucial aspect of student culture on campus and Clubs of the Month gives clubs recognition for their work.

“We want clubs to know that they are doing a great job representing our school!” said Phan.