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Crafted Donut replaces the OC Donut Bar


photo by Zainab Khan
Customers read Crafted Donut’s board. Photo by Zainab Khan

The San Diego OC Donut Bar has cut ties with its Fountain Valley location and a new donut shop has already replaced it.

Crafted Donuts had its grand opening on Jan. 9 where they showcased their wide assortment of donuts and flavors. They gave a free donut to every person that came and the first 100 people also got a $10 gift certificate.

Crafted Donuts says they will use the same quality of ingredients and have the same standards as the OC Donut bar, but they will have a twist added to the previous flavors as long as a few new flavors that will be coming soon.

The Strawberry Split photo by Zainab Khan
The Strawberry Split. Photo by Zainab Khan

The Strawberry Split donut is very fluffy and delicious. The strawberries and cream in the middle balanced the sweetness of the sugary donut. However, it is on the pricey end of the spectrum; most of the donuts are $3 and the Strawberry Split is the only donut that is $4. The Strawberry split can be eaten by more than one person and is worth every bit of that extra dollar.

photo by Zainab Khan
The Almond Joy. Photo by Zainab Khan

The name speaks for itself. This donut is exactly like an Almond Joy chocolate bar. There is a thin glaze with coconut and almond shavings topped with a chocolate drizzle. The donut is $3 and very sweet. The first bite into the donut satisfies the taste buds as well as the mind.

These are just two of their wonderful donuts, but there are many more delicious and unique flavors too.

Menu subject to change Photo by Zainab Khan
Menu subject to change.

–Zainab Khan

–Photos by Zainab Khan