Review: Enjoy a getaway to Paris with Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’

Romance. Picturesque views. Lavish couture. Extravagant cocktail parties. And, of course, a whole lot of wine. All-in-one in Netflix’s “Emily in Paris.”

“Emily in Paris” features a young American woman, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris as a marketing executive for a luxury marketing company Savoir.

As an American who speaks no French, Emily faces a variety of challenges in the new city, including struggles to win over her work colleagues, make new friends and build new romances.

Emily is tasked with bringing an “American point-of-view” to the Savior’s social media strategies. While she does bring some creative and innovative marketing ideas to the table, Emily is quick to impose her own rules for the company, resulting in a culture clash with the French.

Although her workplace situation is messy, Emily gets the chance to strike up new friendships with the vivacious Mindy, a nanny from Shanghai, her attractive downstairs neighbor — and possible love interest — Gabriel and Gabriel’s girlfriend Camille. You can see where it gets complicated there.

As the show progresses, Emily is able to confide in her friends as she whimsically navigates through the big city of Paris.



My take on the show? I absolutely loved it. I fell in love with the Parisian charm that this show perfectly encapsulates, even though it was cliché at some points.

Is “Emily in Paris” my absolute favorite show? No. Would I recommend watching it? Yes.

Despite Emily’s cultural ignorance that is occasionally difficult to swallow, “Emily in Paris” is watchable — I promise. I enjoyed the breezy dialogue that was apparent throughout the whole series and the extravagant but gorgeous fashion. It was refreshing, like a five-hour vacation to Paris in your brain.

If you’re anything like me and dream of living out a Parisian utopia, you should definitely go binge-watch the show right now and have a croissant while you’re at it.


Writer’s note: “Emily in Paris” is intended for mature audiences.

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