Fountain Valley High School

Factors to consider when choosing colleges

 imageOrlando Bui (’16) considers his options before making his decision on where to attend college. Photo by Linh Nguyen.

There are many factors that students should consider when choosing between colleges, such as finances, campus life and location for each potential college they wish to attend.

After the long over due process of applying for colleges, seniors believe that everything is smooth sailing for them. However, seniors should think carefully about each college and what they offer for students before making their decisions. The deadline to Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) is May 1 for seniors. Therefore, there is a gap of time where seniors are able to make their decision and figure out where they would like to attend.

“I was always trying to aim for UCLA or even UCI. I tried my best and my best was my best, nothing was better. Rejection isn’t always considered as bad,” said Fountain Valley senior Derek Nguyen. “Every time I was rejected, I thought of it as being redirected to something better.”

Finances are a main factor to consider when attending a college. Tuition, housing and financial aid all play a role in finances to consider when making the right choice. Tuition could be costly for some and be a nonexistent problem for others. Students may decide to either live on campus or off campus depending on their budget. Also, financial aid could be a huge helping hand for others.

Campus life is also an important factor to consider. A student should go to their colleges of choice and experience what the campus is like. Campus tours are helpful and your questions could be answered by your tour guide. While at the campus, student life is important to consider and the many activities there as well. The college of your choice should have good programs for that particular major the student is looking into.

Lastly, the location of the college is critical because commission should be determined. Climate should play a role in decision-making and how the student prefers the weather to be like. Locations around the school should be something a student could enjoy as well.

“Next thing you know, my final decision was going to Boston to get a PhD for pharmacy. I was redirected to something even greater,” said Nguyen.

Good luck students with your decisions and we hope this helps making your decision easier!

–Linh Nguyen