After a steal, senior Roddie Anderson fast breaks and makes a dunk. (Photo by Kim Ly)


Fountain Valley boys’ basketball dunks on Edison Chargers

The FVHS boys’ basketball team beat the Edison Chargers in a 71-56 win Saturday.

In an energized match Saturday, the boys’ basketball team beat the Edison Chargers in a 71-56 win.

Key players include senior Roddie Anderson with 37 points, senior Aden Casarez with 15 points and sophomore Carter Bryant with 9 points.

“We had bumps where we slowed down and let our foot off the gas, but in the end, we got the win and that’s what matters,” Casarez said. “Going into this game, we just wanted to clean our team up. I mean we played a couple of tough games, a tough loss to Marina. And we had [to] bounce back [and] played back to back with Marina and Edison.”

The first quarter started with Bryant winning the tip and allowing Anderson to score a quick fast break lay-up at seven minutes and 42 seconds. The game quickly intensified when Edison responded with a three-pointer only 12 seconds later. The Barons continually drove into the key and caught rebounds.

At five minutes and six seconds, junior JJ Gray cut to the basket and was able to catch a pass from Anderson for an easy layup. With head coach D’Cean Bryant out this game, assistant coach Timicha Kirby (T.K.) called a time out at three minutes and 49 seconds to discuss slowing down the ball on offense and setting picks.

With 18 seconds left in the quarter, the Barons trapped an Edison player and long-passed the ball to Casarez who scored an easy layup making it 17-13 in favor of the Barons.

The second quarter opened with Edison in possession of the ball, but they quickly lost it due to a pass slipping out of a player’s hand. The Barons then gained possession only for the ball to slip out of junior Kyle Nguyen’s hands causing roars from the crowd.

Senior Aden Casarez sets up for a three-pointer. (Photo by Kim Ly)

At six minutes and 42 seconds, Anderson sneaked up behind an Edison player and stole the ball for a slam dunk. A minute later, Casarez scored a three-pointer that was quickly reciprocated by Edison 12 seconds later.

At two minutes and 13 seconds, junior Fernando Garcia made the Barons’ seventh foul and Edison entered a one-and-one. The second quarter ended 34-22.

Junior Fernando Garcia is helped up and cheered on by his teammates after diving for the ball during a scuffle, thus giving the Barons’ possession. (Photo by Kim Ly)

“Our expectations were just to give maximum effort. No matter what the score looked like — up [or] down — just give maximum effort,” Bryant said. “I think we defended pretty well, moved the ball well, moved to our spots and didn’t let them get easy shots.”

After halftime, the third quarter started with the Barons having possession. At seven minutes and 45 seconds, Anderson’s pass got intercepted allowing Edison to score a layup on a fast break. Anderson shot a long-range three-pointer 45 seconds later.

The atmosphere intensified as coaches from both teams began to substitute players out. At 6 minutes and 40 seconds, Bryant went in for a layup but was hit with a charge. Anderson scored a quick layup and then a consecutive three-pointer within three and two minutes left in the quarter.

The third quarter ended with junior Jeremiah Whitmore scoring a layup, making it 51-39 in favor of the Barons.

The final quarter continued in similar passion as the third: intense but focused. At seven minutes and 12 seconds, Casarez got a steal and was able to fast break to the basket for a layup. The Barons were able to find success inside the key when a short-range pass led to a dunk from Bryant at six minutes and 51 seconds.

However, the Chargers were able to shoot consistent three-pointers prompting coach T.K. to call a timeout in order to discuss putting more pressure on Edison’s shooters. Afterwards, Garcia made his fourth foul at five minutes and 46 seconds after a push on an Edison player.

“We’re really hard on ourselves and we didn’t lockdown on the shooter. He shot the ball extremely well and we have to do better defensively,” assistant coach T.K. said.

At four minutes and 20 seconds, Anderson made an inside pass to Bryant who was able to score an easy layup. Two minutes later, Whitmore dunked after getting lobbed the ball.

With scores getting closer, Edison switched up their strategy and played a full-court press. The Barons were successful in breaking through the press with Anderson and Casarez serving as point guards. Gray stood at the halfcourt line ready for passes, while Whitmore and Garcia set picks.

With 35 seconds left, Casarez made a backward pass to Bryant for a layup. The game ended with both teams subbing in their bench players as a sign of courtesy. Ultimately, the game ended in a Baron victory of 71-56.

“I think we did well executing down the stretch, but I think what we need to work on is listening to the scatter report that Coach D’Cean had put out,” assistant coach T.K. said. “[It gave us information] on who the shooters were and stop[ping] him from doing exactly how he does. Overall, I think we had a great collective team tonight.”

With this win, the boys are now 10-8 overall and 3-1 in the Sunset Wave league.