Sophomore Devin LaClair looks up for a possible header as senior Sebastian Rus provides support. (Photo by Natalie Tran)
Fountain Valley High School

Fountain Valley boys’ soccer ties in tense game versus Huntington Beach

Friday afternoon, the Fountain Valley High School boys’ varsity soccer team tied against the Huntington Beach Oilers, ending 1-1.

The game started off in possession of Fountain Valley. The Barons quickly moved the ball forward with sophomore Ethan Kassa taking a shot, but it was blocked by multiple players.

Senior Dylan Duong watches his teammate jump for a header contesting with some Huntington Beach Oilers. (Photo by Sean Ziebarth)

The first 25 minutes continued to be a back and forth with each team unable to break through each other’s defense. Both teams continued circling around each other looking for openings when Huntington Beach got the ball close to Fountain Valley’s goal, causing sophomore Peter Lam to body-block the shot resulting in an injury.

In the 35th minute, Huntington Beach was granted a penalty shot that missed but rebounded off a player, allowing Huntington Beach to head the ball in closing the first half 0-1.

The second half started much more aggressively with a scuffle between senior Malachi Wright and a Huntington Beach player resulting in a yellow card 10 minutes into the first half. This was followed by another yellow card when senior Andres Rodriguez fell on the ground blocking an incoming Huntington Beach player with the ball.

This vigor continued when 20 minutes into halftime, Kassa scored in a tight bunch of players with the score now 1-1. It was not without sacrifice as it resulted in an injury that forced Kassa to be out for the rest of the game.

Sophomore Devin LaClair looks up for a possible header as senior Sebastian Rus provides support. (Photo by Natalie Tran)

After eight minutes of fighting for the ball, a penalty shot was awarded to Huntington Beach that missed. The Oilers continued to put pressure on where a scuffle broke out that involved Lam to be warned with a yellow card.

“It was a tough game, last one versus Huntington Beach. We played harder than last time we were against them and our defense proved to be a lot better,” Lam said after the game.

Near the end, senior Sebastian Rus passed the ball to sophomore Devin La Clair who nearly scored but was blocked by the Huntington Beach goalie. The game ended with a tie of 1-1.

“It was the second game versus Huntington Beach. In my opinion, we played better than them. We improved a lot from the last time we faced them and I think we could have scored a couple of close shots, but that’s just the way it goes. We’ll build on this,” Fountain Valley head coach Jason Smith said.

The boys’ next game is an away game against Segerstrom on March 30.