Attentive players in position for a free throw. Photo by Avrena Ghatas.
Fountain Valley High School

Fountain Valley High School basketball victorious against Marina Vikings

This Thursday, Fountain Valley High School’s varsity girls basketball team came out strong in their first game of the season and wiped out the Vikings 49-24.

The game started with a three-pointer for the Barons by junior Audrey Tengan. With many attempts to bounce back and score, the Vikings fail to score until a foul is called.

The first-quarter score was 15-11 for the Barons. While they mainly scored three-pointers in the first quarter, the Vikings got most of their points from fouls.

In the second and third quarters, Barons fought fiercely against the Vikings for final scores of 20-13 and 38-20 for the Barons, respectively.

Players running for a rebound. Photo by Avrena Ghatas

Key players included junior Audrey Tengan and junior Margaret Tengan scoring a number of three-pointers, blocking and facilitating ball passes. Senior Caitlin Okawa helped with many assists and showed notable defense skills along with her teammates.

Throughout the game, Barons made it difficult for the opposing team to enter the arc which consequently led to the Vikings having less chances to score. Another key point that put Barons a step ahead was not missing as many free throws as the Vikings.

Although the Barons were ahead in the first three quarters, they continued to score and ended the last quarter strong with a score of 49-24.

Overall, the Barons’ solid defense and possession of the ball most of the game created a successful combination for their win.