Barons are trying to block the chargers from passing the ball and attempting a shot. (Photo by Avrena Ghatas)
Fountain Valley High School

Fountain Valley High School girls’ basketball loses to a charged up Edison

Fountain Valley girls’ basketball went up against the Edison chargers in a competitive game last Thursday. With the Barons putting up a strong defense but missing shots, the Chargers ultimately won by a final score of 49-38.

The game started off with a tip-off for the Chargers and a heated fight for the ball. In the first half of the first quarter, the score remained 0-0 with back and forth possession of the ball by both teams. The Chargers then scored their first two points as free throws as a result of a foul. The first quarter ended off in a tie when senior Kristen Ho scored the first three-pointer of the game making the score 5-5.

The second quarter started with a two-pointer for Edison. This was quickly reciprocated by Ho shortly after. With multiple layups and two-pointers by Edison’s senior Noelle Duffey, the Chargers took the lead of the game. The second quarter ended with a two-pointer by senior Caitlin Okawa in the last 10 seconds, making the score 9-21 for the Chargers.

Players are ready to catch the ball right when Sophomore Mary Nguyen passes it over. (Photo by Avrena Ghatas)

Throughout the first half of the game, the Barons showed great ball passes, blocks and rebounds. This, however, was reciprocated by Edison’s strong offense and defense.

To start off the third quarter, both teams scored back-to-back baskets bringing the score to 16-29 for Edison. After multiple missed shots from the Barons, the Chargers were able to come up on top scoring three times in a row toward the end of the third quarter, bringing the score to 19-40.

In the final quarter, the Barons returned with a strong bounce-back effort giving Edison no chances at the Baron rim. The Barons started scoring consistently while playing solid defense, which left the Chargers helpless for a while. The game ultimately ended with a score of 38-49 in favor of the Chargers.

Barons ready to box out as charger Noelle Duffey attempts a free throw. (Photo by Avrena Ghatas)

Key highlights of the game were the Barons’ strong will to block and keep possession of the ball. Junior Margaret Tengan and Ho scored multiple three-pointers and helped block Edison’s shots; Okawa showed great defense and was always ready to get hold of the basketball. Senior Enya Nguyen also contributed to the team’s defense by blocking the ball and rebounding.

Overall, both teams showed great effort, but the Chargers’ offense put them on the lead most of the game. The Barons made a solid comeback toward the end of the game, which did not grant them the win because of the limited time they had to score.