Freshman Allison Uong ready to make big changes for the Lady Barons. Photo by Evelyn Nguyen.


Freshmen of Fountain Valley: Allison Uong sets up for success

As a setter, Uong is known for being a leader for the team.
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Tessa Nacke

January 13, 2023

Known to her team as Allison “The Freshman” Uong, Uong has been bumping, setting and spiking her way into a core spot on the Fountain Valley High School girls’ varsity volleyball team.

Uong had been playing volleyball for a while now, as this challenging sport sparked her passion from a young age.

“I started when I was in about third grade,” Uong said. “It was very unprofessional. But it was very fun. I learned to love the sport very early on.”

Uong discovered volleyball was her true passion at the ripe age of 13 when competing in Fulton Middle School’s volleyball tournament.

“I just remember playing like the pride of my school. And with people cheering me on, and people being able to watch me I think it really fills my heart with love,” Uong said. “It’s the adrenaline of playing volleyball. It’s like an intense hot potato.”

You can find Uong on the court, setting the precedent for her team. She is usually playing setter, constantly giving her teammates a boost.

“The setter is like the leader on the court… I feel like they add more to the mental side of it,” Uong said. “So it’s very important to have a good setter that is a leader.”

Uong is also known for her powerful hits and strong hitting arm.

“She can really smack the volleyball, her arm swing is crazy,” sophomore teammate Maylynn Pham said. “She’s also really fast and she’s able to get to the ball quickly which is so necessary in volleyball.”

Not only does Uong put in the determination into each hit, but she also strives to help out her teammates on and off the court.

“[Allison,] being the outgoing person she is, she’s able to help us keep the mood and energy up when we’re all feeling down and she makes me get hyped up before the big games,” Pham said.

While volleyball combines skill, decision-making and leadership, Uong admits that it is easy to be unmotivated as it is such a mentally and physically challenging activity.

“Volleyball builds my character, it definitely has taught me perseverance, [and how] bad days build better days, and that’s kind of what I live by,” Uong said.

Uong has already blended so well into the team. Her favorite part so far is the bonding time that takes place over long bus rides.

“Probably one of my favorite experiences that comes with away games specifically is riding the school bus,” Uong said. “It’s definitely a vibe and it’s a good bonding moment.”

When Uong isn’t decimating the opposing team on the court, she can be found practicing violin, piano, hanging out with friends and playing club volleyball alongside Pham at Oasis Volleyball Club

“I go to Oasis because my high school coach coaches there so… it makes it very easy so I could train with her year round,” Uong said.

Overall, you can find Uong on the court, cheering for her teammates, keeping her cool and defeating her opponents.

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