Cafeteria workers hand out grab and go meal bags to students after school at Fountain Valley High School. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Fountain Valley High School

FVHS cafeteria invites students to a summer job

The Huntington Beach Union High School District is looking for students who are interested in working with kitchen staff to provide meals for students and the community.

This is the first time students can take part in handing out grab and go meals from Mondays through Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. Applicants were required to submit a student worker packet and a work permit application by May 24 to the front desk of the school administration office.

The Food Service department is looking for anyone who can work from Monday to Friday; prior work experience is not required.

To Food Service Manager Carmen Murphy, the summer job is the first step to being more involved with the cafeteria. If students end up liking the job, they can continue to work during the school year.

“They gain job experience, learn [the] basics of food safety [and] learn to be more open and confident to the public,” Murphy said.

Once students get the job, they will be handing out meal bags to parents, putting together meals and doing small kitchen tasks (no cooking or using knives), among other duties.

As someone who worked in the cafeteria during previous school years, senior Justin Nguyen sees the summer work opportunity as a way to learn and create memorable friendships.

“Speaking from personal experience, I think students would benefit [from] learning new skills that they thought they never had before,” Nguyen said. “While this job will only last the 4 years of high school, it will be beneficial in the long run because students will have the chance to build communication and teamwork skills that can be applied to real-life jobs outside of school.”

As summer approaches, Murphy encourages students to apply because they’ll walk out with a “paycheck, experience and can put this job as a reference for other jobs.”

For any additional questions, contact the Food Service department at (714) 903-7000 ext. 50311. or email Murphy at