Fountain Valley High School

Fountain Valley High School students gain recognition at the Huntington Beach Art Center for artwork

Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) will have its students’ art pieces showcased in the annual Huntington Beach Art Center Art Show from March 25 through April 8 and in the district office from April 13 through April 22.

The show in the Huntington Beach Art Center will consist of pieces from schools in the Fountain Valley School District (FVSD) and the Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) with FVHS taking up the majority of the space.

The pieces will be displayed for public viewing. The times for viewing will vary depending on the Art Center’s hours.

The show will include different categories of art that embody the FVHS students’ artistic talent.

“There are four basic divisions that [FVHS] does: drawing and painting, which is called 2-Dimensional, then we have the 3-Dimensional, which is the ceramics and  the sculptures, then we have photography and then we have digital,” said Art Department Coordinator Michael Eich.

The style of the pieces are of many different varieties, ranging from soft and warm to a more dramatic tone. FVHS will have a more traditional style of art than other schools. For example, Huntington Beach High School will have a more street art-oriented style.

The pieces from FVHS will then be moved to the HBUHSD office on Bolsa Ave. on April 11. The district office art gala will continue from April 13 to April 22. The art gala will take up various rooms including the foyer and board room.

The pieces will be judged on April 13 and will then receive awards to be seen with the art piece for public viewing.

Thao Dinh’s (’17) drawing, along with many other student’s art pieces, will be displayed at the HB Art Center art show and in the district office art gala. Photo by Steve Phan.

–Cayla Nguyen