Fountain Valley High School

Kayla Borack shares her experience in being a buddy

Kayla Borack, a senior at Fountain Valley High School, helps students with disabilities and shares her experience as a peer tutor.

photo courtesy of Kayla Borack
Photo courtesy of Kayla Borack

Borack is in her second year of being a peer tutor at FVHS for students with special learning needs. She first became interested after seeing a BBN clip at the end of her sophomore year. Being a peer tutor helped her find what she’s passionate in.

“I can proudly say that it’s my favorite class to go to everyday,” Borack said.

She chose to dedicate her time towards peer tutoring because she was really fond of helping others.

“I want every one of the students I assist to know that I’m their friend and I’m there to support them, both inside and outside the classroom,” Borack said.

Borack’s family member, her uncle Gary, had a mental disability. She grew up treating and loving her uncle with the same amount of respect she would have for all her other relatives. It was her uncle that sparked the interest for Borack in helping people with disabilities.

“Being with him makes me smile and being able to visit him with my family fills me with joy,” said Borack.

Over the summer, Borack volunteered at the Special Olympics World Games in Long Beach. She enjoyed cheering the athletes as they competed in the triathlon.

“It was amazing to see what these athletes were capable of and how determined they were. They always put their best foot and were so proud to represent their country,” said Borack.

Borack is president of a club on campus called Baron Buddies, a social club where students can meet new people and make their high school experience memorable. The goal of Baron Buddies is to promote independence, positive interactions and good communication between students at FVHS.

“I want [the club] to be a place where every student is welcome to hang out, eat lunch and play games in a fun and easygoing environment,” Borack said.

After high school, she wants to study special education in college and become a special education teacher.

“I can truly envision myself having this career and working with high school students,” said Borack said. “I feel strongly that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, regardless of having a disability, and I want to be there for my peers and watch them succeed.”

–Zainab Khan