“Metropolis II” showcases a small city made of blocks and other materials. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
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LACMA: The slow return of museums

Since March 13, 2020, when shops, restaurants and schools closed down, so did museums. After several months, one popular museum opened back up: the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Featuring new and old exhibits, viewers enter each room in awe. Scroll through this photo gallery to see some of the LACMA’s most notable exhibits.

As the viewer enters the right side of the museum, you are welcomed with “Do Ho Suh: 348 West 22nd Street,” which replicates the artist’s residence using translucent fabric to memorialize the space we grow up in. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
A LACMA worker rests on a stool in front of vibrantly tinted windows. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Multiple home objects lie on a table while projectors project videos across the walls to reflect creativity, utopianism and spirituality in Cauleen Smith’s “Give It Or Leave It.” (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Inspired by another artist’s duck prints, artist Hashiguchi Goyō paints a scene of two ducks feeling calm in the water. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Upon entering the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit, visitors find Nara’s illustrations — children with several emotions such as anger, joy and disgust — across the rooms. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
A small, cozy miniature home exemplifies what a “place like home” is. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Figures in a large cup spit out water while visitors pass the rooms. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Many of Nara’s sketches are showcased. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Nara explores different types of canvases such as kraft paper. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)
Cute ceramics gaze left and right with different expressions. (Photo by Anneliese Duong)

Revisiting the LACMA was a joyful experience; all of the exhibits exceeded my expectations and every snap I took on my camera was aesthetic and memorable. With museums opening back up, the LACMA is one that you should put on your bucket list.