(Image courtesy of Jessica Nguyen)
Fountain Valley High School

MC3 rebuilds Fountain Valley High School

In a world where anything can be created, what would you create? For MC3, the answer was obvious.

Following the recent shutdown of FVHS due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many students had been strongly impacted by it with some even longing to go back to school when an idea struck MC3 president junior Ben Nguyen and member junior Wesley Lin: rebuild FVHS on Minecraft.

Inspired by stories of other schools and universities beginning to rebuild their campus on Minecraft, Nguyen and Lin were prompted by the rebuilding of Marina High School in Minecraft to start their own project.

Three weeks later, Nguyen and Lin gathered fellow members of their club, including juniors Audrey Pham, Jaden Nguyen, Tim Duong and senior Uy Tran to help them. Each has put in over 24 hours of hard work into remaking FVHS. Even though it is taking a long time to build, the MC3 club is enjoying and having fun with their project.

“Our favorite part of this project so far has been being able to hang out with each other and have fun trying to rebuild the school as accurately and as detailed as possible,” Ben Nguyen said.

The response to the rebuilding of FVHS has been well-received and enormous. MC3’s Instagram, @fvhsmc3, has received hundreds of likes and comments expressing their support.

Although the school is only 50% completed, the server will soon be open to the public. Especially since it is a modded server and is harder to join, steps to connect to the server and a tutorial will be released by MC3 if enough people decide to join.

Upcoming Advanced Placement exams will put a hold on the rebuilding of FVHS but their passion will not be on hold, as MC3 is determined to finish rebuilding FVHS and making it another home for the Barons.