(Image courtesy of Lylyan Yenson)
Fountain Valley High School

Opinion: Benefits of a block schedule

Block schedule is an efficient schedule for students to learn and divide their time equally into each subject in school. With this schedule, students and teachers will have two hours for each subject and can further develop the student’s knowledge.

At the end of every semester, Fountain Valley High School has a block schedule for students to take their finals. In the block schedule, students have about two hours in each class and only two to three classes a day.

Although some students may argue that this schedule is a pain because they have to spend two hours in one classroom, this schedule is a good way for students to manage their time for homework and studying.

Students would be able to have a longer period of time in each class to learn and understand the material that is taught that day. There would also be less information that they would have to learn in one day. Instead of learning about several different subjects, they would only have to focus on four at the most.

With an additional day to do homework and study for tests, students would stress less about school.

For example, if students had only had English, History and Math class on one day, they could focus on those classes and not have to worry about their other classes. This is especially true during finals when students have two to three tests a day. Students can manage their time and focus on the tests they have the following day.

After taking their tests, they can start to study for their other tests instead of studying for all six, possibly seven, all at once.

This schedule would also be more convenient for teachers as they would only teach a couple of classes a day rather than six or seven.

With two hours to teach the students, teachers can cover more information or provide more detailed explanations for students to understand. Teachers would also be able to assign an in-class project or host a lab during the two hours without having to worry about whether or not the students will have enough time to finish.

Block schedule has many benefits and would improve the school if chosen as a bell schedule. Students would be able to focus on only a couple of subjects per day instead of all six or seven and they wouldn’t have to carry as many materials as they normally would.

Let’s face it, block schedule will be more convenient for high school students.