Adoption centers are great ways to help out a dog and give them a loving home. Photo by Katelyn Nguyen.
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Opinion: Five reasons to adopt a dog

While it may be a lot harder to make new friends during this period of physical distance, adopting a dog will give you the perfect companion to hang out with every day. Here are some reasons why adopting a dog, whether during or after a pandemic, is life-changing.

You save a life

Approximately 3.3 million dogs arrive at community shelters every year, making it difficult for shelters to adopt all of the dogs who need shelter and care.

When you adopt a dog, you are giving a dog that may have been abandoned, strayed or neglected a home. You also make space in the shelter for other animals to be cared for.

Dogs are good for your health

Dogs make you happy. It’s proven through research that interactions with dogs lead the human brain to produce oxytocin, a hormone commonly referred to as the “love chemical.” It reduces stress and anxiety while boosting trust and relaxation.

When you go on walks with your dogs, both you and your companion stay active during the day, and you reduce the probability of having depression through the vitamin D obtained through sun exposure.

Dogs will shower you with love and be your best friend

Your dog will make sure you’re in a good mood as dogs understand how you’re feeling without words. Dogs can smell hormone production and different levels of brain chemicals produced, which they react to by getting closer to humans as if they ask for humans to feel better.

Dogs will protect you, even with a bark

As dogs’ sense of smell is unparalleled; they can detect danger through smelling brain chemicals that are related to fear or anxiety from a person who may pose any potential danger to their owners. Barking is largely dogs’ way to communicate with their owners and alert them.

You save money when adopting compared to other options

Adopting a dog can cost from $50 to $250, which includes the adoption fee, microchip, vaccinations, sterilization and all veterinary services including anti-parasite treatment. Buying a dog can easily cost from $500 to $1000 or more.

Make sure to put in the research, visit adoption centers and understand the level of commitment and care you need before adopting a dog. Even with all the responsibilities and care dogs need, it’s most rewarding when your dog comes running to welcome you after a long day at work or school.