Crochet is a fun and easy hobby that only requires two materials: yarn and hooks. Photo by Camelia Heins.
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Opinion: Get hooked on crochet

For those of you bored in isolation, there’s still one more hobby you can try: crochet!

Crochet is the craft of using crochet hooks and yarn to stitch together patterns. Although it may seem similar to knitting, it’s much easier since crochet only requires one hook while knitting requires two needles. Don’t be too intimidated by this hobby; it’s a lot simpler than it looks. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop.

Crochet is a fun hobby that can help you relax and relieve stress. Unlike playing instruments or cooking, you don’t need to be an expert to see success. Crochet is time-consuming, but it’s a great way to keep yourself busy when listening to music or watching Netflix.

There’s so much variation with crochet. From the yarn you pick to the project you decide to make, your creativity is limitless.

With crochet, you can make clothing items, hats, bags, blankets, stuffed animals and so much more. These handmade items are also the perfect gifts for friends, family and significant others when holidays or birthdays come around.

Crochet only requires two materials: crochet hooks and yarn. It’s good to buy a set of crochet hooks and to look on your yarn’s label to see which size crochet hook to use before starting your project. These items can be bought at Michaels or Joann’s Fabrics.

There are also specific stitches used to make your project. Some of the stitches you should learn first are single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, double crochet stitch and a “treble” crochet stitch. Watch this YouTube video to learn about these stitches.

If you need ideas on what you want to make, you can check out Pinterest. After you make a decision, you can look for tutorials on Youtube. Once you become more familiar with crochet, you can even find free patterns on Etsy or buy books filled with tutorials.

Crochet is a fun and relaxing hobby and the number of items you can make by hand are endless. Happy crocheting!