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Opinion: Tests should be given after breaks

Most students feel anxious about tests because they’re often hard and account for the majority of grades. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for one, which is why tests should be given after break.

Taking tests after a break allows students to rest and come back to school with a clear head. When teachers cram tests before breaks, as many already do, students are overwhelmed because they have a ton of homework to do and exams to study for. Students typically perform worse on exams when they are stressed because their ability to focus during lectures or while studying is compromised.

While breaks are a time for students to relax, they’re also a time for students to catch up on classwork material and study. Without school and club commitments taking up five days a week, students have the opportunity to study with friends at a library or coffee shop and ultimately feel less stressed for exams because they reviewed over a break.

Instead of forgetting information over a long break, students will still remember most of the concepts as long as they continuously review the material and complete their homework. Some teachers have extra credit assignments and optional exercises to do during the break gives students opportunities to understand the material and later perform better on tests.

Furthermore, with finals and Advanced Placement exams following both winter and spring break, it’s beneficial to take tests after those breaks because it’s easier to recall information that was recently tested on for those major exams.

While it is stressful to think about tests after the break, it is less stressful to take the test because students had time to study and prepare mentally and physically.

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