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Review: Five spooky classic movies to binge

This year’s Halloween celebrations were much different than normal due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Health officials advise against hanging out in large groups, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some spooky classic movies.

One great way to enjoy the spooky season is by watching some scary, thrilling or otherwise festive movies to be entertained and spooked out while staying inside. Here are a few classic Halloween movies that will leave you both terrified and excited for this Halloween.


“Beetlejuice” (rated PG) 

“Beetlejuice” follows the story of Barbara and Adam Maitland who are killed in a car accident and are unable to leave their house in the afterlife. After an insufferable family moves into their home, the Maitlands summon an exuberant spirit to help kick the family out. This quickly goes wrong for the Maitlands, who had underestimated what they would be in for.

This movie does an excellent job portraying things that would normally be scary as cartoonish and extravagant. This makes it humorous in a slightly morbid way and adds to the outlandishness.

If you’re looking for something that’s family-friendly and has a ghoulish appeal, “Beetlejuice” is the movie for you.


“Hocus Pocus” (rated PG) 

Max, Dani and Allison, a group of children celebrating Halloween, accidentally bring three wicked witches back to life after hundreds of years. They must hide the witches’ spell book to prevent them from causing havoc in the town of Salem, but things do not go smoothly for the trio.

“Hocus Pocus” is a magical movie that’s perfect for all ages. The acting in this movie is eccentric and really captivates the audience. It’s primarily directed toward younger children, so it’s a good movie to watch with your little sibling.

This whimsical movie is a gem for those in the mood for something fun, silly and unique.


“The Addams Family” (rated PG-13) 

A man pretending to be the long-lost brother of Gomez Addams shows up at the door of the Addams family, a grotesque and unusual family seen as “outcasts” by their community. All is well and good at first until Morticia, the wife of Gomez, becomes suspicious that “Uncle Fester” isn’t actually related to them at all, and has bad intentions toward them.

This movie focuses heavily on visuals and is very aesthetically pleasing. The characters are outlandish and fun to watch, even while appealing to a slightly older audience.

“The Addams Family” is a must-watch if you want to get caught up in such an absurd yet charming family. It does a good job of introducing each fascinating yet wildly different character and showing their personalities throughout the film.


“Carrie” (rated R) 

If you want to experience something thrilling and emotional at the same time, you undoubtedly should watch “Carrie.”

Carrie is an introverted girl who faces severe bullying at school. Despite this, a boy named Tommy asks her to prom, since he and his girlfriend feel bad for her. They have a good time until a vicious prank on Carrie takes place, which ends up having horrific consequences.

“Carrie” does an excellent job of investing the audience into Carrie’s life and having us feel sorry for her, which makes the events at the end that much more meaningful. The sequence of actions that occur at the prom is shocking and heavily impactful, and is one of the main reasons this movie is held in such high regard.


“Halloween” (rated R) 

“Halloween” is a timeless slasher movie that focuses on Laurie Strode, an intelligent and responsible girl who has a babysitting job on Halloween. Her friends plan on spending time with their boyfriends, while still keeping in contact with Laurie. Multiple characters see a strange man throughout the day, who appears to be stalking them.

This movie fills its audience with anticipation and is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. While it may be a bit outdated considering it was released over forty years ago, it’s perfect for anyone who still enjoys classic horror. It also has moments that are filmed from the first-person point-of-view, which puts the audience right in the shoes of the characters.